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  1. hello! i am applying to phd programs and have requested my letters of recommendation (one from UG, one from my master's program, one from my current job, and one from the job i had for two years prior to this one). it's a long story, but unfortunately, i might not be able to secure a letter from the job i held for two years. i think this would be a glaring hole and would raise a lot of questions, and i honestly am so devastated. is there a way to compensate for this? is it something i could address in my personal statement without sounding defensive? i'm re-taking the GRE in the coming week and will see how i do in terms of improving my score. taken all together, i think my application is strong but i have a lot of doubts and i fear that missing this letter will put me out of the running entirely. i know application prep can make everyone feel that way, and i'm having trouble discerning how much of those beliefs are due to the current stress of this missing letter versus reality (can you tell i'm applying to clinical programs lol?). what do you y'all think? is one missing letter going to be a huge problem? if so, is there anything i can do about it?
  2. WUSTL - mass email directing me to check the portal for my admission decision
  3. @humanisticPOV usc's psych dept. left me a voicemail (in response to a message i left two weeks ago) saying interview invites were extended, but may continue to be extended until mid-february. i don't see much evidence of this elsewhere on tgc though?
  4. for anyone who was contacted by fordham or USC (LA), do you know if all offers were extended?
  5. thanks! i vaguely remember a posting with a google sheet. does that sound familiar? i tried scrolling through the older posts in this thread but can't find it. maybe i'm mistaken?
  6. can someone please direct me to the post containing the spreadsheet of schools that have contacted applicants? i saw it a few weeks ago and thought i bookmarked it, but must not have. @clinical psych applicants, remember that gradcafe, reddit, and all the other forums are a great example of reassurance seeking (as in ocd and anxiety). try to monitor your urges to check gradcafe and seek reassurance! you're going to do great, no matter the outcome. happy freaking new year.
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