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  1. I interviewed at a program at the end of January and still have not received an admissions decision. After my interview, my POI responded to my thank you email that she thought I would be a good fit for the program but the department had some funding issues to sort out. I emailed at the end of February to check in, and my POI said they were still sorting out some funding issues and she would keep me posted. It's now been another month and I'm dying!! Should I email my POI again to check in? I have an offer to another school, but I would really prefer to attend this program
  2. Hi all, so I interviewed at a school a few weeks ago. I thought the interview went pretty well, and my POI replied to my thank you email that we have a very strong overlap in interests and that the program would be in touch soon. I got an automated email from the program today informing me that I've been rejected. I'm a little surprised that the POI didn't reach out to me. Is this normal?
  3. To the University of Washington poster on the results page, did you interview? And if so, who was your POI? Thanks!!
  4. Anyone for clinical phd know anything? Thank you!
  5. Has anyone heard anything from Vanderbilt? Have they done interviews yet?
  6. Someone posted on Jan. 30th they heard University of Miami (FL) had already sent out their acceptances and were only taking 3 students this year. Has anyone else heard anything similar? I would be surprised since I haven't heard anything from my POI yet.
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