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  1. Hi Left Skew, Thank you for the detailed response. You certainly have very good points pertaining to networking and taking up R as a hobby. I am debating between the DFW area or the CT/Washington area. From what I've heard, people have had a better experience finding jobs in the northeast area. But I can always apply to different places even if I attend a Dallas school. However, I am not sure how the networking opportunities are in the Dallas area either. Again, thank you so much for such an informative response!
  2. I am about to commence my graduate program in Fall 2018. I wanted people's feedback on a few questions as I look forward to applying for jobs and internships. What was your experience looking for jobs after completing the I/O Psych Masters? Is the degree recognized across the nation, are the positions highly competitive, etc.? What are some suggestions you would offer in terms of what skills companies are looking for in an entry-level position? From your experience, what are some mistakes you made while looking for jobs, that you think could have been avoided? What was your opening salary for an entry-level I/O Psych position? What skills are highly sought after in an employee with an I/O degree? Overall, are there any regrets for pursuing I/O Psychology? I know the questions are pretty broad, but I can use all the info you may be able to share. Thank you for any feedback.
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