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  1. Hello, I accepted a PhD position in psychology straight out of undergrad. I interviewed at top schools but ended up only getting an offer from a mid-lower ranked university (fully funded). After doing more research, I am nervous about getting a tenure track position and don't know if this university will get me to where I want to be. Is it too late to tell the university I would like to withdraw my acceptance? I would appreciate any advice and suggestions for what I should mention if I do decide not to attend so I don't burn any bridges with this professor. Thanks!
  2. I had two recommendation letters that were co-signed. I am attending this fall!
  3. Hello!! I am currently holding onto an offer and am waitlisted for my top choice program. My POI at my top choice told me I am #1 on the waiting list. How should I handle correspondence with my other program during this time? I will attend this school if I don’t end up getting in to my top but I am starting to receive pressure from them to make a decision... Thanks!!
  4. When do people typically decide where they will attend? I am waitlisted at my top school and am curious to know when I might find out if I am in.
  5. Congrats to the person who received an acceptance to Loyola's Applied Social Psych program! Would you mind dming me your poi?
  6. The same thing happened to me... my POI just asked me what questions I had for them and we talked about those questions for the whole time. I think it will be more on you to prepare what you would like to talk about versus them preparing. They also might ask any last minute questions they have.
  7. Can the person who got accepted to Northwestern message me their POI?
  8. Should guys wear suits for non-clinical?? Thanks!
  9. Did anyone apply to Psychology and Social Intervention program at NYU?
  10. I would appreciate the other poster’s POI initials as well. Thanks!
  11. Whoever got the interview to Tufts, do you mind dming me your POI?
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