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Cold-emailing PIs for research?


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Hello fellow psych nerds,

Having recently graduated and the job app season quickly gearing up, the next best step for me is to acquire a (paid) research position.

On that note, does anyone here have any advice related to cold-emailing PIs of interest to inquire about a potential position? Best way to present yourself and pique their interest? For context, I have a BA and have been helping with various research projects since Fall 2017.

All suggestions appreciated!

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I love cold emailing tbh, I attach my CV, try to keep it brief, and always make some comment as to a recent paper they've published to show I've read it and how it relates to my interest--showing rather than telling. At the least its lite-networking, even if you don't get a position out of it. 

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14 hours ago, paraent said:

I only emailed labs whose websites advertised a job somewhere. Saves a lot of trouble. There are quite a lot every year!

This may be a good start but I would also just email labs you are interested in. I did this and if the PIs didn't have anything available for me, they forwarded my information to other PIs : )



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