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  1. Thank you all so much! Awesome advice, and some stuff I didn't even think about. I really appreciate it.
  2. Housing arrangements! This will be my first time adulting, and living by myself, so I have several questions: What should I be aware of when looking for apartments? When I go to visit, what should get my attention the most? Is a 9 month or 12 month lease better? Is living on campus something you would recommend? How can you manage feelings of loneliness when living alone? (My partner is going to join me after a year, but a year is a long time)
  3. I did this last 2019 cycle of clinical psych PhD applications and got 3 interviews and 3 rejections. It's fine, I'm over it, it's more than last year so that's great. I've decided to shift gears for a bit and I want to see if I can go for my Masters in Physician Assistantship at some point. However, I have a dilemma: my undergrad degree included like... no biology/chemistry or accompanying labs. So ultimately, I have a very specialized psychology BA and a bunch of research/clinical experience that won't help with any biology/chem pre-req's for PA programs. What should I do? The way I see it is this: go for an associate's that somehow has all the pre-reqs I need (unlikely) go back to school for a second bachelor's which will be repetitive, costly, and lowkey a waste of time take courses as a non-matriculated student and pay my way for the specific courses/labs I need I'm not totally sure what's right, but I'm obviously leaning towards option #3. Can I get your opinions on how to go about this?
  4. There were some Clark posters in here--are y'all still waiting??? I interviewed for clinical and I haven't heard anything yet. So anxious.
  5. STILL haven't heard anything. I'm also in contact with another interviewee and she said she hasn't heard anything either.
  6. Oops--I forgot to check my notifications. I haven't reached out because I'm t e r r i f i e d
  7. Honestly????? I'm so anxious???? I can't stop thinking about these schools???? I haven't heard from any of the 3 I interviewed for what the hell is going on
  8. Saaaaaame oh my god. I interviewed on the 6th. Seeing acceptances is killing me
  9. I only got one interview last year, for my top choice. I was waitlisted for it (got an email three weeks after my interview), and I didn't get in. I was surprised I was waitlisted because I was still in undergrad. I decided to gain experience after I graduated college, got a clinic position, and re-applied this cycle. I got three interview invites, one for that top choice program. I did my interview on 2/6, and should be hearing back soon. Reapplying is definitely worth it imo. However, if I don't get in, I'll probably apply to a few schools including this one, not expect anything, and keep working. I'll just push myself harder than ever before *shrugs*
  10. Hi everyone! I've had two interviews so far for clinical psych, and I have one coming up in a week. I've got a couple questions. I'm wondering: How likely is it that I'll get accepted to a program that I'm re-interviewing for (interviewed last spring)? Would you personally attend a really good program in a place that's not ideal? (In my case, it's waaaaaay too cold and kind of isolated.) If you don't feel "at home" in a program, but it's a good program and you think you could grow into it, would you go? In the case that you get into a program you don't want to go to, how do you turn them down? Thank you!
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