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  1. No. given that their interview weekend is March 6th, I am starting to think I am not accepted.
  2. That's what I'm hoping too. Haven't heard anything.
  3. This is my first time applying to social psych phd. I have not narrowed down my list of schools yet but I would love to connect with those of you also applying to social psych.
  4. I haven't heard back from so many schools. I have to tell myself that it's good news rather than the other.
  5. Haven't heard back from Michigan State yet
  6. NYU stern requires you to take a few econ classes for Stats PhD
  7. Hi, I am thinking of applying to Phd programs in statistics but I don't know which ones to apply to, as I don't have a specific field of interest yet. I have some programs in mind that I want to apply to from a location standpoint, but I am definitely not limited to these programs/locations. UW - Madison Michigan State Penn State Here is my profile: Undergrad: UW - Madison Major: Statistics GPA: 3.3 (This is what I am mainly concerned about. All of my stats classes are A/AB but math/comp sci were around B's. I am going to take the math subject test.) GRE: Q 169 V 159 AW 4 Awards: Second
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