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  1. Anyone hear of anything from St. John's University?
  2. I wonder how much of that affects how graduate progrmas accept applicants now.
  3. Hello, My program offers a bilingual track (and in it) all you have to do is show proficiency in Manderian by passing a state test. See if the state your applying to offer certification training for bilingual in order to get certified as a bilingual school psychologist. Some programs might say bilingual only for Spanish but check the program and ask if other languages can be offered for the bilingual track.
  4. Hi make sure to be confident and impress the program your personality and why you want to do school psychology. Also, listen to what the other people state in the group interview as their answers and you can state while Johnnie stated he strong in these skills, I am as well however I can work well in a collaborative effort, etc as a way to make yourself stand out and be memorable.
  5. I'm currently in an EdS program, but wanted to wish good luck for your interview. It's always good to call the poi to know what the dress code is, but I'll suggest business casual as a good way to dress for the interview.
  6. Hello, Want to say good luck to everyone applying! I'm current in an EdS program for school psychology and if you have any questions don't mind sharing my experiences!
  7. I am waiting to hear back from Brooklyn College. Already heard from Queens College and did the interview.
  8. Neuroscience? Cognitive Psychology? Those are both fields that overlap what you hold before and doesn't relate to therapy at all.
  9. They should have scheduled you a skype interview then. You should also probably called them to ask for an arrangement to explain your situation.
  10. Such helpful advice and thanks for sharing this!
  11. Just heard back from one of the programs I applied for and I have an interview coming up. Super nervous for the interview itself! Any suggestions/feedback for those who went through the interview process?
  12. I can also suggest applying to a Master's in General Psychology (with concentration in research, i.e. thesis option) to help get you coverage of psychology classes and research that PHD programs require.
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