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  1. Thank you! I also currently work as a clinician with my master's degree. From what it sounds like, I just would be unable to practice as a licensed psychologist and would have to continue practicing as a master's level clinician if that is what I chose to do.
  2. Thanks for your input! I guess I am just skeptical due to how "easily" it seems like I got accepted compared to the other programs. There were several clinical programs I avoided applying to due to their reputations, so I do not just want to go somewhere JUST to say I have a PhD if it will not benefit me in the long-run. School Psychology is actually one subfield I have not tried to apply to yet!
  3. I have looked into future career options for educational psychologists and did ask the admissions committee of the program what jobs graduates of the program have received- I am interested in academia so I do think it would be a good fit, however I was hoping to also have the opportunity to practice if I did decide to go that route. Basically, my motive for getting a PhD is to have the flexibility, which is why I never went the PsyD route. I did not realize that I would most likely not make much more doing clinical work with this degree than I do currently with my master's. I am a bit co
  4. That is great to know. I guess part of my confusion is that since I currently have a master's degree in mental health counseling and can see clients, I am unsure if a degree resulting in licensure is even necessary.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with applying to all three of these types of programs? I have a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and I have applied to several Counseling/Clinical psychology PhD programs in the past few years. This cycle I threw in one application to an Educational Psychology program (I applied to a Counseling Psychology program at the school and it asked if I would also like my application to be sent to other programs). Surprisingly, I got in without an interview! I guess I am skeptical because although I have had plenty of interviews, I have struggled getting into Co
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