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  1. Just gave up my seat to Adelphi! Good luck to anyone on the wait list.
  2. Crippling because of expenses or for other reasons?
  3. Can anyone add anything that may help sway my decision. I am deciding between Adelphi University and LIU Brooklyn. My research focus is well suited for either.
  4. About how long after an interview does it generally take to hear back?
  5. The City College Clinical PhD program is my top choice and I have heard nothing. Does anyone know if they are done sending out invites? Has anyone recieved a rejection?
  6. I have an interview at Adelphi (The Ferber School) on Monday. Does anyone know if I'll have access to college parking?
  7. Has anyone gotten any City College Update other than an interview invitation? Did it reflect on the portal? Are they done extending?
  8. I'm waiting for CUNY as well! Just wish they would send already.
  9. To all who have received interview offers from City College, has it reflected on your status page, or is it just an email?
  10. I'm honestly feeling so disillusioned. I was rejected from 2/3 of my top choices, and I am waiting to hear back from the third. I have 2 interviews with other schools, but I have no idea how I would pay for them. I don't want to do this all again, and I don't want to pay to do research for them!
  11. Has anyone been rejected from the City College Clinical PhD program? My portal says "under review" and I want to know if that's true of everyone. Tia
  12. I saw a couple people post about City University of New York interviews. Are these in regards to City College, or one of the other CUNY programs?
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