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  1. I brought my iPad (big boi version) and took notes during a faculty presentation section (which may or may not occur for your interview visit), however, I did not really use the iPad/my notes during the chats/interviews. I did ask to refer to them once, but it was very quick and very late in the day. I think profs aren't expecting too much, so just be on the ball when they discuss their research (either as part of a presentation, or if they regale you before the interview) and think up and remember some questions (harder than I am making it sound, but simple questions are often the most i
  2. School: Arizona State Type: PhD Date of invite: December 23, 2019 Type of invite: Email from Dept. Head (Initials GB) Interview date(s): 2/6 - 2/8 ; billed as a "recruitment/interview weekend", had 2 informal chats with PI (NA) prior. PI also told me I'd be officially invited on 12/13. UCMerced Interview Invite pending according to informal email from PI (MS), holding out for official correspondence, unknown dates.
  3. Hello, So I am weighing the options of accepting a lab manager position or *attempting* to land a post-bacc research fellowship. The latter would be much more competitive, but also much more substantive and involved (from my impression). Specifically, I am looking to Yale's ESI-Prep, Columbia's Bridge to PhD, and MIT's BBS Post-Bacc Research Scholar Program in Neuroscience. The manager position is at a well-known school. I would say statistically/on-paper I am a competitive applicant (strong GPA, good letters of recc., some research experiences). These programs *appear* to serve
  4. Hi, I am an expected May 2019 BA grad in psychology from a well-regarded SLAC. So, I intend to apply to graduate school after a year or so of work as an RA or Lab Manager (more experience, maturation, refine research interests). What is the timeline for applying to these jobs? I'm looking for any insight or anecdotes into how others got RA/Lab Manager positions--especially in labs/universities outside of your undergraduate institution (again, timeline, mode of contact, attaching CV, contact current position holders or faculty director, etc.). I imagine many jobs open up in the spring
  5. If I am accepted to a diversity preview weekend (all expenses paid) for which I had to apply, does this forebode a good chance at acceptance into the graduate school (Top 10? school). I know this is super vague. In other words, should I put any "weight" into acceptance for these preview weekends? Logically, they would not be pouring resources into someone they're uninterested in, however it's not an inordinate amount of money for an institution to spend to appear as if promoting diversity. Thanks!
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