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  1. Just got accepted from a program. No need to be anxious now, Finally!! Btw, do you guys think it is a good idea to contact the program which I am waitlisted at for updates? Do I mention that I have an offer and want to hear from them? How do I word this?
  2. Just got accepted from this program. No need to be anxious now Btw, do you guys think it is a good idea to contact the program which I am waitlisted at for updates? Do I mention that I have an offer and want to hear from them? How do I word this?
  3. Anyone heard back from SIU Carbondale Applied Psych program post-interview? I was told they would try get their decision made within 7-10 days. Technically, it is the 10th business day after the interview now, have not heard anything from them? Any advice? Should I start to feel anxious now?
  4. Thanks for sharing!! Were you pre-interview waitlisted or post-interview waitlisted?
  5. Kinda of the same situation here, pre-interview waitlisted for one top choice program, and just went to an open house day and interviewed there with 3 faculty members in my safe school program. Waiting on both programs decision. Would like to know what are the odds on getting accepted from a pre-interviewed waitlist at this point of the application cycle.
  6. Oh yeah, that is a very good idea!!! Thank you!
  7. Thank you for the explanation! Much appreciated
  8. Thx for the insights!!! I will not bring notes for sure now. why does the program want to get multiple faculty involved in the interview tho? Is it possibly because they want multiple faculty to agree on one candidate, and so to make decisions on which ones are more "favorable"?
  9. Hi guys, I am invited to the open house day for a Phd. Psychology program. I was told that I will have three interviews with three different professors at this program, and I had the opportunity to rank the faculty in the program from the most to the least that i want to work with. The truth is, I applied to this school was only because of this one professor's work, which I absolutely loved. Anyhow, i was wondering has anyone interviewed with faculty other than your stated POI in your PS? And also, I was wondering if it would be weird or unprofessional if I open my binder for some notes d
  10. That is very encouraging!! Good to know there is hope!
  11. How are waitlist usually informed? ask POI? the Dept.? or just get automatic notifications from the program? i am on one waitlist right now, because I asked POI, and still waiting to hear from 7 other programs.
  12. TOTALLY AGREED!!!! "Also, a huge factor is if you are an international student (with international degree)-then you need to be a REALLY good fit and have really good credentials. " I got waitslisted from the program which i am doing RA at, also one of my LoRs is from the lab i applied. I asked my POI for that school for an update, she literally just told me word by word "it has 100% to do with the difficulty of admitting international student at the dept." and i am on her waitlist. so sad....... i was actually quite confident that i could at least get an interview chance with them......
  13. i am sorry to hear that. hope you get offer else where. should i email the dept to check on my application then? i saw 5 people posted rejection yesterday. i did not interview, and i was expecting rejection too. but did not receive any update.......
  14. I saw a bunch of people got their rejection letter from UCSD today, and someone posted accepted a few days ago. I did not get an interview, nor an rejection at this point. And I saw their open house is on Feb 1-2, which is a week ago. what does this mean to my application? waitlisted? or does school sent out rejection in different batches?
  15. Ohhhh, thats probly the case then. Thx for explaining.
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