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  1. Good luck, @AndrewJake! Like @Psyhopeful said, I think it really depends on the school.
  2. A sample size of one isn't very helpful, I know, but here is my personal experience with interviews. Out of four applications, I received one outright rejection, one interview followed by a rejection, and two funded offers with no formal interview. One of the schools where I got an offer never made contact with me outside of my application materials before rendering their decision. At the other one, I had visited my POI (who is also the graduate program director) the previous summer and talked with her about my research and my goals. She mentioned during that chat that they usually do interviews, but that they would not in my case, since she and I had already spoken. I do think the two contacts I had (one formal interview and one informal chat that ended up serving as an interview) affected the outcome of those two applications. At the formal interview, the questions I asked about the program left me feeling like it wasn't the best choice for me, and I think the committee agreed -- in any case, they didn't accept me. At the informal chat, my POI and I really connected over our research interests, and I'm certain that she advocated for me during the application and funding process.
  3. What was the interview like? I'd love to hear if you're willing to share!
  4. Good luck, @Psyhopeful! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back. I have an update about Temple and work requirements. If you recall, the issue was that my fellowship forbids outside employment, but my wife will be unable to work during my first year of school, so I was seeking permission to work half-time (just six credits) during Year 1. After about a week of email back and forth, my contact in the graduate department called me and said what amounted to 'yes, the contract says you can't work, but we have no way to check or enforce that, sooo...' It did put my mind at ease, but it was interesting that my contact was specifically unwilling to commit that to writing. She said that she had gotten the answer over the phone, and was passing it on to me in the same manner.
  5. @Psyhopeful, @IBrakeForVanJohnson, and @DannieGirl, thank you so much for your advice. You're right -- I shouldn't be hasty. One reason I hesitated is because my Temple adviser also invited me to a graduate research presentation day that is on the same day as the Rutgers event, but I think I'll be able to get what I need from the class visits. I have also been communicating with the graduate director by email with some of the specifics of my work and life situation, and she says she's working on it, so hopefully I'll hear good news about an exception. I'll update after my visit on March 15. @lissabennett1, welcome and congrats on your acceptance to Temple!! I did get official notification from them about funding last week, but I don't think that necessarily means they've sent out all of the notifications. Folks in this thread noticed that their acceptance letters came at radically different times (weeks apart), so it seems like Temple has their own unique notification process. I hope you get a great offer very soon!
  6. I'm definitely excited to visit Temple! I have a date set up to meet with my adviser, sit in on two classes, take a tour, and meet with the graduate director regarding work and funding. At this point the question I'm wrestling with is: if I visit Temple and like everything I see, should I still go to the Rutgers prospective students day on March 29, or should I matriculate right away at Temple and send Rutgers my regrets? On one hand, I feel like visiting Rutgers is part of due diligence; I should at least see both of my options before settling on one. On the other hand, Temple is a stronger offer, a better fit for my research, and more convenient to my home. As long as they'll let me keep teaching on the side in Year 1 (which is important because my wife is pregnant and won't be able to work during the first academic year), I can't see a reason why I would choose Rutgers at this point -- someone would have to make a very compelling case at prospectives' day. It seems unethical to delay my decision when someone else might be able to get the Rutgers fellowship if I decline. What do you all think? If I like what I see at Temple, should I decide right away, or should I hold off until I see Rutgers too?
  7. Thanks so much, @DannieGirl and @jmc117! I'm still figuring out details with Temple (how much can I work and when, what's the travel budget, etc. - I learned that fees aren't covered by the scholarship, unfortunately) but I'm strongly leaning towards accepting, since they are my top choice school. I asked if there is some kind of prospective students day, and there doesn't seem to be, but my adviser has agreed to meet with me and arrange for me to sit in on some classes and meet current students.
  8. I have a Temple funding update! I received the official offer by email this afternoon. It's a Presidential Fellowship with four years of funding, two with service requirements and two without, and a $32k stipend. I'm so happy and grateful! Wishing everyone great offers at their top choices!
  9. Congrats @IBrakeForVanJohnson!! That's awesome news! I have an update about Temple funding: I received an email from my potential adviser to say that I've been awarded a University Fellowship! She said the details would come by mail sometime this week, so @jmc117, keep an eye out in your postbox, too! Funny story, though: the email actually came last Thursday, but it got caught by my spam folder, probably because it was titled "Good news" and mentioned a large dollar amount in the body, haha. I only caught it because I was looking to see if I got into the Broad Street Run lottery. I'll update with the details of the fellowship whenever I get the official letter. Fingers crossed for everyone who's waiting for news!
  10. Oh, and here's another thing I did, though I'm not sure if it has influenced me yet or not. I added both schools/programs on Twitter and I've been watching what they promote.
  11. Hi all! I want to start a thread that's about general decision-making practices rather than asking for input or advice on one individual's choice between specific programs. I think it might be a helpful exercise for folks to post two things: the factors they're considering when making a decision, and the process they're using to sift through those factors and arrive at a conclusion. I know it would be helpful to me to hear what other people are doing. I'll go first. Factors that are important to me: Funding offers (How much is the stipend and what, if anything, are my teaching responsibilities? Can I hold other jobs while funded?) Adviser/faculty members (How close is their research to my interests? How well do we get along?) Program requirements (e.g. one program requires master's-level statistics competency coming in, while the other teaches it as part of the degree) Course offerings (Which courses interest me the most? Which offer the best preparation for my dissertation?) Institutional resources (campuses abroad, research and conference support) Additional credentials offered (graduate minors or certificates) Department character and priorities (Is the atmosphere competitive or collegial? Are they focused on academic or non-academic career training?) Location and commute (If School A offers me more money but is a two-hour round trip from my home, is it still a good deal?) Placement of graduates Cohort of dynamic, engaged, and diverse students Processes I'm using to sift through these factors: Listing courses that excite me at each school and comparing Attending advertised recruitment day; seeking an individual visit if there is no recruitment day. Would like to meet and talk with current students. Emailing/meeting with faculty and potential advisers Discussing the options with my current colleagues and previous advisers Talking it over with my spouse That's where I am so far. I'd love to hear what others are considering -- maybe you're thinking about something that hasn't occurred to me! I did also look up the rankings of the two schools I'm considering, but I really don't know if that's an important factor for me. I'm also not sure whose rankings (if any) to trust, or what metrics are most important. If anyone out there uses rankings as a decision-making factor, I'd love to hear more about where you got those rankings and how you use them.
  12. I definitely will! I hope that info will come out around the same time as funding decisions.
  13. I'm definitely going to be deciding in April. That wasn't my preference -- I'd much rather make a decision sooner -- but the Rutgers recruitment day is on March 29, and I want to hold off on my decision until I get the chance to visit the school and meet with the professors I'm most interested in working with. I'm hoping that Temple will have something similar that I can attend, but no word yet.
  14. I think it's reasonable to wait to hear back from all your schools before you decide, and I think it would be unreasonable for one school to expect you to make a decision before hearing from other places. That said, if you anticipate a response from one of your schools coming later than the deadline that another school gave, I would contact both the school with the deadline and the school that has yet to decide and tell them the situation. My Temple letter said that first-round funding offers would come in early March. Did yours say something similar? I was hoping to hear sooner because I got their acceptance letter so early, but it doesn't look like that will be the case!
  15. @jmc117 Omg, congrats on the Temple acceptance! That's awesome news!! Now we await the funding notifications together...
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