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  1. Hi everyone, So I've been admitted into three Masters programs for Experimental Psychology and I need help deciding. A little background. I applied to a few programs last year while I was still in undergrad and was accepted into two programs. One was a sub-field that I ultimately decided not to go into, and another was an almost perfect offer (great school, nearby, involved faculty...) but with a 25k price tag for the education per year alone with no available funding which would have meant that I needed to take out a lot of loans. I decided not to enroll in either program and instea
  2. Hey, slightly off topic, but I might see you there if you're going on 4/6! I was admitted to the MS Psychology program at Villanova. I haven't accepted yet, I have other offers to consider. I was planning to be a bit more formal with a dress and sweater, but that may change depending on the weather. PA in April is temperamental at best. Bottom line: go with what you're going to be comfortable in, I'm sure it will be fine.
  3. Check your employee handbook/HR website before you give your notice! I'm somewhat in the same boat. My contract is for a year, staring and ending in late June. I am required by the type of employee that I am classified as (research staff, not faculty or crew member) to give notice of my departure a month before I leave. Only giving two weeks notice would be a violation of my contract, so be sure to check before you do this. I'm honestly not sure what they would do at that point, but I also do not want to find out. It's honestly a little scary how you're describing your job, because I'm in
  4. A professor at my school still has debt from his PhD and its been about 15 years since he finished. The thing is he was living in New York City where the cost of living is exorbitant AND had medical issues. 1+2 = lots of debt. Its all foing to depend on you, your situation and your choices.
  5. I got into two MA programs. I also already rejected one - too far away and no funding. The other one isnt funded either but its a great program. My decision is bite the bullet and be at least 25k more in debt for the first year ( I have 15k right now) or find a job. I've been applying to jobs but I should have started earlier because my deadline to decide on the program is on Tuesday and I cant decide. Each day I wake up with a different decision and I don't know what to do. The teachers I talk to all say get a job for a year and re apply to PhD programs only because they think Ill
  6. My friend has a 2.6 GPA at the moment and was admitted into 2 graduate programs. They accepted the one that offered them partial funding, but was put on probationary status meaning that they have to have higher grades than a normal applicant for the first year (ie. can't get below a B+ in all of their classes rather than a B or they will be kicked out of the program). Their GPA didn't hold them back because they applied to programs that were a good fit for them and they also have a little bit of research experience that was relevant to their field. They also applied to 8 programs, which gave t
  7. I'm really sorry that you're in this position. I'm not sure how Canadian schools function, so I can't say if this is normal or not. I also applied to a program on February 1st (in the US as a US citizen) and they didn't get back to me for two months. They didn't tell me anything, didn't ask me any questions, no interviews, and didn't ask for any additional information other than what I sent to them in my application. Then I got an acceptance letter in my inbox. At that point I had written them off as a rejection, so that was a surprise. It probably wasn't a great idea to email them after
  8. I'm still waiting on one. They emailed me in the beginning of march to see if I was still interested and if I had already comitted to a different program. They also told me that they'd be making decisions the next week. I responded within the hour that I was still interested. I took that as a good thing that they contacted me, but it's now been a month since then and I'm kinda salty about it tbh. This program apparently jerked my mentor around when he interviewed with them for a job years back... So I guess this is normal for them.
  9. I'd just try to be honest with him. Tell him thank you for his kind offer of admittance, you appreciate his enthusiasm for his work, acknowledge that he spent the time getting to know you and emphasize that this decision was not made lightly. I doubt you have to go into detail as to why you're rejecting the offer, but stating that you'd ultimately decided that you would rather not move across seas is a pretty persuasive detail. If they're anyone worth their salt, they're going to understand.
  10. Well, a single day changed my entire career outlook? I went to an interview (my first) on Wednesday, but I didn't feel great about it. Got back home and emailed the PI a heartfelt thank you for talking with me and inviting me to see your lab. Didnt expect anything else. Got up the next day and found that she wrote me back, and then two hours after that I got official notice that i'd been accepted. Two more hours passed and then I got another notification that the program that ghosted me for two months accepted me as well. So I went from no acceptances when I woke up that morning to two accepta
  11. I'm with PsychedSloth on this one. My friend had funding pending on their acceptance date (as in after a certain date they'll still be admitted if they wanted to be, but the TA/RA position would be forfeited). They called their other two top choices the day before the decision had to be finalized and pushed for information about their application after being pseudo-ignored over email. For one, the decision was made but not officially released yet. They were weight listed at the other school. It ultimately didn't change her decision, but it was nice to know. Bottom line is if your top choice is
  12. I've only applied to masters programs, all with later dates. The first two were due on Feb 1, the other 4 due on March 1. I was outright rejected from one of the Feb ones and weight-listed a week after the deadline for one of the March ones. I haven't heard anything back from the other Feb school. I'm assuming I'm rejected or maybe weight-listed at this point. I have an interview next week at my top choice with a PI that I really would love to work with. While it's a good fit and it was a very personal invitation, I'm not holding out hope that they'll like me enough to offer a position. Oddly
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