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  1. Perhaps Naropa University? http://www.naropa.edu/academics/graduate/psychology/ (Looks like they may only offer an MA though).
  2. I recently picked up "The Oxford Handbook of Memory," which has gotten very good reviews; it may be more specific (e.g. only memory) than you are looking for though.
  3. I think if anything having a Math BS is a plus. I heard from some professors when I was applying that many sociology departments like to "steal" and convert students from other disciplines. Additionally, I think having a strong quant. background is very desirable for a lot of sociology programs, which will be pretty much implied with a math BS.
  4. Thanks for the tips cogneuroforfun and psychology! In the first semester of the program I believe the rough plan is TA plus stats class and methods class, along with research. I guess the intimidating part is transferring the methods knowledge that I've learned about extensively as an undergrad in a classroom setting to practice. But right now my plan is to dig in to my fresh-off-the-shelf copy of "The Oxford Handbook of Memory" .
  5. You could look in to Boulder, CO, which houses the University of Colorado.
  6. Hey everyone. This doesn't really have to do with any program in particular, but I figure this is the best forum to ask in. I'm looking towards accepting an offer in psychology (experimental, not clinical) for a Ph.D. program. In undergrad I majored in psychology and sociology, but most of my research was done in sociology. As such, my research experience is primarily qualitative and not "in the lab" experimental. I'm really thrilled about the offer, but I am worried about not having a background in psychology lab research. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to best prepare mysel
  7. Whoa, looks like great info everyone! Gotta read through it all now .
  8. Any thoughts on the area?
  9. Hey everyone. I'm looking for some general advice for my situation. I am going to be attending the visitation day for my top choice school. I'm currently on the waitlist, but was invited recently after finding out, either because they were planning on inviting waitlistee's in addition to the acceptees, or possibly because I reaffirmed my interest in the program (in other words, I don't know if the visit is aimed more at waitlisted people or selling the program to accepted students). Regardless, being as the visit is not for interviews, I am just trying to prepare for it as best I can, bein
  10. Well I just received a reply from Ms. Marum, but I'm not really sure what to make of it. "The [committee] reviewed the applications and recommended several students into the program. Unfortunately, your application was not considered at this time....." Does this mean they have another round to go? I'm not sure what is meant by my application "not being considered."
  11. Thanks for the tip. Ms. Marum was who I sent the e-mail to, perhaps calling directly would be a better idea?
  12. Well I just received a postal rejection from Stony Brook. The letter said that they received around 100 applications for a new cohort of less than 5. Good luck Tritone and anyone else who applied!
  13. Perhaps! I do like that they post their example comp. reading lists right on the site, as it has been providing me with some good reading material in the mean time! I know what you mean about backups; so far I have one acceptance, which really lowers the stress level. Problem is I spend too much time dreaming about the warm weather in Tucson.
  14. Yeah, I have no idea what's taking so long. I would have expected a rejection letter to arrive by now (I gave the same address for mailing and permanent). Strange thing is I e-mailed the grad coordinator a long time ago to verify that my application was received and I got a prompt response. Who knows!
  15. Hey, has anyone still not heard from UA? I haven't received any word at all, and despite e-mailing the grad. coordinator a few days ago, have not received a response.
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