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  1. I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into several Psych MA programs, but I'm torn between two because of location and funding. One program is giving me a full ride and a stipend, but the region isn't ideal for me, and it would mean living apart from my SO (east coast vs. west coast) for two years. The other program is in a very expensive area and would require me to take out loans and accumulate student debt (I have none right now). I've wanted to live in this area however, and my SO would only be a 1.5 hr drive away. I'm excited about both programs, and either would tak
  2. Reviving this thread to see if anything has changed in Williamsburg over the past several years. There's a pretty good chance I'm headed to William and Mary this fall, and I'm curious about the general price range for apartments off campus. W&M does offer graduate housing, but I'm exploring all my options. How is the city nowadays in terms of stuff to do? For the record, I'll have a car.
  3. I applied to William and Mary, Wake Forest, SDSU, and Claremont for Psych MAs. I've been accepted to William & Mary and Wake Forest so far. At SDSU I've interviewed with 3 POIs and I've heard nothing from Claremont. I think my POI at W&M thought we were a really good fit so they contacted me early (about a week after submitting my app). My background and interests are relatively specific though. I really wanted to go to grad school in CA, but my east coast programs are pretty awesome research and funding-wise so I'm heavily leaning towards those. I guess I'll aim for Ca
  4. Hey everyone! I’m an occasional lurker that is applying this year. Everyone on this forum really intimidates me, but I’m glad we can all converse and commiserate here! I graduated from undergrad with overall GPA 3.3 (because I determined too late that I wasn’t suited for/interested in medical school and pre-med classes destroyed my GPA) and major GPAs of 3.7 each. I majored in Psychology and Asian Studies (conc. in Japanese) and I want to research adjustment stress, coping mechanisms, and well-being in a cross-cultural context (mainly East-West) in a Social Psychology PhD program. I ha
  5. I have been out of school for 2 years, and am currently teaching English in Japan. I'm planning on applying to graduate school (Social Psych PhD) this year. When I was in college, I was a shy girl at a big school that didn't learn how to build connections with professors. After graduation I volunteered in two labs under two PhDs for a year and figured it out (These will be my first two letter writers). Now, I work with two Japanese teachers of English relatively closely, and they both are very complementary of my work ethic. I am unsure of asking either of them however, because 1) They are not
  6. Hello Everyone I'm new here, and this is my first post! I finished my undergrad in Psychology this year (with another major in Japanese) and I'm currently volunteering at two Psychology labs (one Social, one Sexual Health). I'm trying to improve my profile before I formally apply to any programs. I want to go for a PhD, and I'm leaning towards Social psych, but I'm worried about employment (I'm not interested in being a professor, but I enjoy conducting and applying research) so I've been investigating other more applied branches of Psych (I/O anyone?). I also, like many others, want
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