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  1. @kpietromica , I'm going with which university can give me the "most bang for my buck" so to speak. So like, they might not be offering me the most money, but are they giving me a lot of other opportunities? What are their placement rates post graduation? Are the current graduate students really happy there? Is the program itself well funded and respected within the university? Those are the questions I'm asking myself as I'm going into the decision making process, and see how each of the schools compare.
  2. @rising_star, That is a really good idea! I know where I am most likely going, and it also just happens to be the school that is furthest away, so its probably going to be the most expensive. I've been checking the US gov't's sources on moving companies, they keep a log of all the complaints that are lodged against USDOT registered companies and what the complaints are about. While it doesn't get into specifics, its still useful to know if I'm looking at a company with 0-5 complaints vs hundreds in the past 4 years.
  3. @Paleoman , did you have to give them an inventory list? Also, $1700 is definitely a price I could swing, but the thing I'm worried is moving and then the quoted price being vastly different than when all of my things are actually delivered. I have also heard of people not having all of their things being delivered (i.e. "lost") or just being destroyed in the move. I'll have to look up the company you're trying though, and see what their reviews are.
  4. @TakeruK So with the pod, did the Pod Service, ship it for you? My significant other and I have two cars, so I'm not super keen on hitching one to a U-Haul. Also, I am disabled, so the prospect of having to lug a very heavy IKEA sofa doesn't appeal to me much! I wonder if I could just get a mover service to put stuff into the pod? We're just in the consideration period, as the move itself is a few months away.
  5. Has anyone ever hired a professional mover to move them across country? What service did you use? Did you have a good experience? Is it worth it to consider it for a cross country move?
  6. It depends if you're an MA or a Ph.D. lots of Ph.D. students are considered "staff/faculty" by their departments, so you can get a staff or faculty parking pass, which will enable you to park in lots much closer your building. I'm currently an MA, and I have to park in the "commuter" lot-- basically 1-2 miles away from the building that I take classes in and the place on campus where I work. I add 15-20 minutes to my commute to account for the bus ride, so I usually give myself almost 30 minutes extra from driving to taking the bus to walking from where the bus drops off to my classes/work. I
  7. It was an email! I was surprised I didn't have to email him first. But I did follow up the email by saying, "Sorry, I can't make it to AAG either" and I didn't get anything back to that... lol
  8. I am very seriously considering WVU. They've given me their funding offer, and it's pretty good, though I do need them to clarify a few things. I am flying out to Indiana this week, and we'll see how I like it out there. Their WGSS program is really really good. Kentucky, because their Geography program didn't give me funding, I'm not so sure about taking the WGSS department offer, since I can't get a certificate in Geography, I would only be able to work with their Geography people. I know WVU isn't known for their human geography, but I did meet some of the human geography peopl
  9. Hey, so I live in the general Stony Brook area right now with my significant other. My situation is a little different than yours, as he did not want to live with a roommate, so our current monthly rent is $1670/mo for a 789 square foot one bedroom apartment not including utilities. If you are willing to live with roommates, look for calls within your department for roommates, look on craigslist. Do not, DO NOT, look at one bedrooms in the general vicinity as they will all be about the same cost as mine or higher. One of the quotes we got for a one bedroom when we first were looking was $2000/
  10. Got my Penn State rejection today. Didn't make it seem like I wasn't a competitive applicant, but still a rather generic and yet personal rejection letter from my POI. Oh well, at least I was at the point where I was expecting it!
  11. I haven't heard back OFFICIALLY yet. There were lots of unofficial promises made, but looking back at how the Kentucky email looked, I'm feeling terrified. At least the emotional devastation comes on a Friday where I can just binge eat and watch Emperor's New Groove and not do work. I thought I would have a *better* chance of funding with Geography than WGSS, as historically the funding for WGSS is not very good! Who knew that they would both be terrible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Also just got told I didn't get funding to Kentucky's Geography program.... but hooray for the acceptance, I guess >:(
  13. My POI is the director of graduate studies... So its kind of a double edged sword, I feel.
  14. Has anyone taken the leap and contacted Penn State? I want to, but I am chicken.
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