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  1. only applied to University of Arizona PhD. just waiting it out and watching those acceptance stats. good luck to everyone!
  2. Anyone going to the University of Arizona?
  3. Looking to connect with other grad students beginning fall 2018
  4. I visited a program over the weekend and now I am so torn! School A is offering a ton of money—this year. No guarantees for the future. Not well ranked, good POI. School B is offering less money—guaranteed through PhD. Well ranked, lots of amazing faculty. Any thoughts?
  5. So what are y’all using to make decisions if you were accepted and funded at more than one school?
  6. Earlier in this thread, I believe, possibly the every-day carry thread, there was a quite lengthy conversation about the "necessity" of a messenger bag or briefcase so one didn't appear to be an undergrad and looked professional enough. That is why I asked my question because I thought that seemed silly to me.
  7. It makes me intensely happy to see this thread <3 This is something I have been pondering as I struggle with the same issues. I will be in grad school in the fall and it is so reassuring to know that there are others who have dealt with it and are dealing with it and have been successful. I wish you the best @FirstYearHistory17 !
  8. kpietromica

    Tucson, AZ

    This helps a ton! Thank you! We lived in Phoenix in 2010-2011, before the kids, and I only remember a handful of times critters were an issue, but with the kids, I worry a bit more. They're still small and haven't ever experienced bugs that bite, especially the kind that can do some serious damage. My partner is an automotive technician, so it sounds like they'll be able to find a job quite easily. You mentioned rent seeming cheap. Define cheap for Tucson? I've been looking and it seems like for a 3-4 bedroom house, we're going to be looking at around $1200-1600. Does that sou
  9. I have to say, I spent the weekend reading through this whole thread, and it was really enlightening! The conversation around technology was super interesting to watch progress, and it's great to see such a longitudinal thread to get a more robust idea of what I am really going to need. I do have a question about the backpack thing though. Like seriously, how big of a deal is it to have a backpack as a grad student/TA? My back and hips are pretty jacked up for a variety of reasons, and I have a very hard time with anything where the weight isn't really evenly distributed. I have two Nort
  10. My feet have some issues and have mutated (I swear) over the course of having four children. I swear by Danskos and Tieks. Both can be classy and fun, but ultimately are extremely comfortable. They are expensive, but the comfort and durability are worth every penny. I have two pairs of Danskos right now, one four years old and one three years old and they are my go-to shoes. I choose which ones depending on what I'm wearing as one has a bit bolder print than the other. My Tieks are matte black and got me through a tour of the Washington Mall in the wind and rain and freezing weather duri
  11. So I know this is years old, but I used Atoma notebooks in high school in the late 1990s and LOVED them! It took me until 2011ish to find ARC by Staples and then Levenger Circa and now Happy Planner. Discbound is my favorite!
  12. kpietromica

    Tucson, AZ

    Looking at going to UA for an MA in the fall. I have 4 kids and am hoping someone can help shed light on the public schools, elementary and high schools which part of town would be better for living in with a family anything about quality childcare job market cost of living, like food questions health insurance through UA can good pest control keep critters at bay? I am arachnophobic and just generally hate bugs and creepy-crawlies anything else anyone wants to chime in
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