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  1. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    Man, seeing a couple posts today - still haven’t heard anything myself. Anxious....
  2. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    @llgecir43 still nothing from U of T over here - I emailed the graduate coordinator last week to inquire about an update, but have not received a reply. They're makin it tough! Especially since I'd like to get back to the program I've been admitted to and hopefully have a chance to visit Toronto before April 15th... Have you heard anything?
  3. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    Still holding tight in that case - I wound up emailing the graduate coordinator to inquire about an update (noting that I am considering another offer but still very interested) and have yet to hear back. Have you heard anything from U of T? Waiting there as well... have seen a few Canadian applicants post on the results page, but seemingly no international results thus far.
  4. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    Still waiting to hear back from UCLA, though I've seen a few acceptances posted on the results page... Would it be safe to assume this is a rejection or waitlist? It seems in past years they've had rounds of decisions, so perhaps another one will be coming up.
  5. whatstheplan

    Happy February!

    I've heard nothing save for one rejection (from a school that was essentially at the bottom of my list, so a bit dispiriting). The upside is, the results page has looked pretty inactive for essentially all of my programs thus far. Cause for concern or am I reaching?
  6. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    I got an email to check the portal, so if you didn't receive one probably figures there's no update. CUNY wasn't one of my top choices and truthfully not a great fit, but definitely a bummer to have my first sign of life from the whole process be a flat rejection. Hopefully more soon!
  7. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    Looks like the CUNY decisions are on the portal - gonna be a no go for me unfortunately.
  8. whatstheplan

    Geography 2019 Application thread

    I'm anticipating things will start ramping up a bit over the next week or so - has anyone heard anything? I've applied to the following: UCLA, Berkeley, Washington, Minnesota, Toronto, CUNY, Oxford. All quiet thus far... seems like Minnesota and Washington have historically been on the earlier side in terms of notification.

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