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  1. I received a rejection from British Columbia, which says they got 120 applicants this year and only admit 2-3 people of the total. Good luck!
  2. Hi, I just get the access to the portal of my RU application status. I realized I haven't yet provide my financial document nor official transcript, would this affect the committees' decision making?
  3. I think GW just released the interview invitations. I saw several people reported their interview schedule...
  4. Hi folks! If anyone hear about the response from UCSC please please please just briefly mention it, so I would know my situation. Thanks a lot!!! Good luck to everyone!
  5. It's OK. I am not really into York tbh, even I love their faculty pack. The whole school runs with an incredibly low efficiency. Still waiting other schools' response. I hope I could get a better one lol.
  6. Thank you so much! I see your program list and I also applied for York's WGSS. But it is highly unlikely to receive admission since one of my references couldn't write a letter, and I have no means to change the information. Sad, but I wish you could get into!
  7. I am waiting for response from UC Santa Cruz, which is my favorite program among all my applications. Hoping for good result for you too!
  8. I also applied GWU...I am currently in GWU btw, and took 2 ANTH courses, though it's not my major. AND GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF US!
  9. I received acceptance from Arizona State U, anyone heard about their Gender Studies program before?
  10. Quick question, will UC Berkeley still send interview notification tomorrow or Friday via email ? ....I don't want to be devastated but I am actually.
  11. Congratulate! Wish you have a good result! The sad thing is that I just received a rejection from UW-M, and they said the program is too small to involve more international students. But anyway, I have still waited for the last one from the same program in George Washington University. Have you ever heard about this Women's, and Gender and Sexuality program in GW? Cuz I haven't see any other student in this forum mention about that.
  12. Did anyone also applied the Women's and Gender and Sexuality MA in George Washington University, DC? Does anyone know the educational quality of this school?
  13. Hi, this is Anzi. I applied the GWS MA of UW-Madison for 2017fall. But still have not received any reply. I am really anxious. Would you like to tell me what the exact time will they make the admission decision? Really appreciate for your help!
  14. Hi, Cabraloca. This is Anzi. I also applied for the GWS MA program at UM-Madison. But till now I haven't received any message from them. Would you like share some details with me about the "waitlist" you mentioned before? I am really anxious. Just got the rejection from Cultural and Social analysis dpt. in NYU.
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