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  1. @stressedandconfused Sad to hear! Where did you apply?
  2. Anyone else applying to the York (in Toronto, Canada) Gender, Feminist & Women's studies PhD program? That's the one I applied to. Everything else I applied to in Communications
  3. jmc117

    2019 Applications Thread

    @Dares That actually makes a lot of sense. It also seems like the Ivy Leagues are rolling out decisions rather quickly. Have yet to see a decision from any of my schools, really. In any discipline
  4. jmc117

    2019 Applications Thread

    I have noticed there are TONS of "hard science" updates in the results page. Are Social Sciences (and our discipline) generally later than others? Any vets noticed this? Is our discipline just tiny? lol
  5. jmc117

    Any other programs similar to NYU MCC?

    @alexisqaz I would talk to Dr. Laine Nooney at NYU Steinhardt-I had reached out to Dr. Nooney and they said they really only did archival research. This is not my line of research interest but sounds like it may be a good fit for you. Not sure about other programs, but look up Dr. Nooney during your foray into looking at MA programs.
  6. jmc117

    2019 Applications Thread

    Hi all, I also applied to U of Penn in Communication PhD. My other applications went off to U of Mich, Laurier, Western, York (Comm and Gender/Women/Feminist program), and working on Concordia. Anyone else applying to any of these? Best of luck to everyone in their application process!

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