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Organize notes and websites bookmarks topic wise at one place


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I am a researcher and most of the times, I am studying different of topics say algorithm, linear algebra, deep learning. It becomes difficult to organize the material of each topic separately. The material can be anything like hand notes, websites link, images. And different methods are suitable for different type of material like for websites, bookmarks in a topic wise folder work well, for hand notes images,  local folder topic wise in pc works well. Can anyone help me with their material organizing methods, which can help me to organize different types of material at one place for each topic?

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I may sound like a broken record, but I use OneNote. Here is why:

  • You can create notebooks with many many MANY tabs. I have three notebooks: Univ (general), bibliography, and dissertation. 
    • Univ general: tabs on courses (one sub page per day), conferences (one sub page per conference and sub sub page per session), meetings with advisors, etc. 
    • Bibliography: originally organized for my three exams, now it is shifting towards a more dissertation-friendly usage. 
    • Dissertation: these are actually the archival notes, not the writing. I have one tab per country, one sub page per archive, and one sub sub page per document. 
  • It is nice (lots of colors)
  • It is easy to use, insert things, and move things around. 
    • You can insert tables wherever and they don't move everything around. 
    • you can insert images wherever and they don't move everything around.
    • you can insert links, pdfs, etc. 
    • you can insert equations ( I don't use this)
  • It syncs constantly
  • You can save it as doc or pdf
  • You can use it in Mac or windows, and you can use it online.
  • Easy, EASY search function (this is vital for me).

Hope it helps!

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Hey, you might like to try Athena (full disclosure, I'm the creator of Athena).

You can use the Athena Chrome Extension to quickly save lines of text just by selecting the text w/ your mouse (no copy + paste). Your annotations get saved to a personal list, which you can access in the web app (www.useathena.io).


When you say "hand notes", do you mean notes that you write in response to a text (perhaps in the margins of an article), or just independent free flow of your mind? Or both?

For now,  you might find Athena helpful for having your articles (web pages + PDFs), along with your annotations on those articles, in one place.


Two things that Athena is lacking (for your use case) but are planned for the near future are:

  • folders/directories for organizing your content
  • saving images


If you end up checking the app out and there are features that would make it a lot more useful for you, reach out! It would be great to hear from you or any other grad students.

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I use Evernote for everything. I have it on my phone, iPad, and multiple computers. I tag, search, save docs. It is my second brain. OneNote is really nice and potentially cheaper but I actually didn't want to rely on an Office product. I do pay (after so many months of use) $8/month, which I think is worth it, but you can use it for free for a long time. I have a notebook for everything and link notes across subjects.

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