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  1. It's very possible you won't hear back until April 15th. Some people that have been accepted to a "back up" school but waitlisted to their "top choice" will accept at the back up and continue to be on the waitlist at their top choice. If a seat opens for them at their top choice after April 15, their seat at their "back up" school will become open. Depending on how many acceptances and their targeted class size, that "back up" school may either keep their class size as is, or look to their waitlist to fill that now empty seat. It is possible that you'll hear before April 15th, but it's more likely if you hear anything it would be after April 15th. Some programs keep waitlists open until classes start, and it's not uncommon to see some acceptances May through June. I was on two waitlists last year, and while I didn't get off either, several people from one of my waitlists were pulled from the list well after the April 15th deadline. Good luck
  2. I responded to this yesterday, but it was mostly out of anger as you said anyone accepted and attending is a scrap applicant. I really think you should take a step back, look at the requirements to get into a M.S. SLP program, and maybe rethink your words. Yes, any new program is risky, but RMU already has Doctoral of Clinical Science Speech-Language Pathology, so its not like they're 100% new to the profession. Their program director has also headed at least one other noteworthy program, and seems to know what she is doing. I did not feel as if anyone was reading off cue cards, and that I was able to have a conversation about their program that took my from a skeptic to a supporter. Midwestern at Glendale started their first cohort Fall 2016, and their Downers Grove campus (I believe) started Fall 2013. Their tuition is right on par with RMU's, but no one was saying about either campus what you are saying about RMU. I think it is incredibly unfair for you to cast aside applicants you don't even know. Here is Midwestern, Downers Grove's first two student outcomes on the praxis: https://www.midwestern.edu/Documents/IL SLP/SLP Student Outcome Data-Praxis Pass Rates 2015-18(0).pdf At one point, every program was a new program, and I think most programs will have their fair share of pros and cons for every individual student. RMU was regionally accredited in 2011: "Regional accreditation — the same kind the University of Utah or BYU has — is more difficult to obtain than the national accreditation that most for-profit colleges hold. The process was also complicated by the negative attention for-profit schools have garnered recently regarding their students' high loan default rates and poor graduation and job placement records, Nielsen said. "We've really had to demonstrate to the commission that we're not a typical for-profit institution," he said." http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705367784/Provo-health-professions-university-first-for-profit-college-in-Utah-to-earn-regional-accreditation.html Unlike my first response, this isn't from a place of anger. I just wanted to put a little more information out there. It isn't an effort to change your mind, it is just a mix of my own opinion and some facts that have helped me come to the conclusion that RMU is worth it--for me. Congratulations on your acceptance, I hope your graduate career and onward is everything you want it to be
  3. That is awesome, I would much rather do some per diem SLP work than pick up a waitressing job, and I literally never thought of that. Thanks!! And even though your tuition is more expensive than RMUoHP, it makes me feel a little better that people from other schools are in the same boat. A lot of my friends got in-state tuition and are paying a fraction of what my tuition will be, so it was a little disappointing. The higher education price tag sucks.
  4. http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/04/05/522575533/teachers-lawyers-and-others-worry-about-the-fate-of-student-debt-forgiveness I just think that I have other viable options, so I'm not going to put all of my eggs in the loan forgiveness basket. It very well may work for people still, but I would hate to follow the rules for 10 years and get slapped with a big "sorry" That NPR link is just a small sample, and the people who basically had their chance at loan forgiveness recinded were all attorneys that didn't *technically* work at a nonprofit, but the first "payout" from this particular loan forgiveness is coming this fall, so we'll see how it goes down soon. It was started by Bush, and I know Obama capped it to $50k and odd dollars, and there is now talks that Trump may do away with it entirely or just lower the cap again.
  5. I think that it could potentially be doable. I'm lucky in that I don't have undergraduate debt, and I feel as if medical settings pay more than educational settings. So the medical focus helps in that, even though I understand people from programs without the med focus have just as good a chance. I'm not really relying on loan forgiveness as it looks like it is going to shit for the people who played by the rules the last 5/10 years. But once I graduate, my main goal will be to pay off my debt. If that means picking up a part time after-hours job, that's worth it for me. I currently hold a full time job and a part time job so I know that I can do it to get myself debt free.
  6. I was also accepted, and am excited about the program. As of now, it's the only program that I'm accepted to, so I'm swallowing how much it will be (VERY expensive) and hoping for the best when it comes to paying off the loans I'll have to take out. The fact that it is a new program could be a little scary, but I am not worried about that. Dr. Linda Spencer has been a program director for at least one other M.S. SLP program, so I feel that she has experience to lead a faculty. They already have a PhD program, so they already have SLP faculty. And they've been awarded candidacy, so if you graduate from their program, you will be eligible to earn your CCCs regardless of what happens after the five years of "pre-accreditation" are up. Just from my interview with Dr. Spencer, I felt like it would be a good program for me. She had lived in Wisconsin and gave off the midwesterner vibe that I've grown up around, so that gives me the thought that she and the program will care about their students, not just getting them in and out and graduated. I liked that the 2nd-5th semesters end 4-5 weeks early so you can be completely immersed in your practicum. I like that the onsite clinic will be free to patients, but will have mock-billing for students. RMU has many other master/doctoral programs in the health professions and will have a seminar where you practice interdisciplinary teamwork. I also like that she said RMU has connections all throughout the United States for placements in the 6th semester, and that they will work with you to find all practicum placements. I know it doesn't really matter if you have a medical focus in your masters or not, but I think that will really help me decide if I can handle working in a hospital setting or if I should just stick with schools. They have a cadaver class, so I'm excited for the neurology class lol So it's new, it's really expensive, but from the interview and my independent research, I think that the school is a good choice for me. I'm going into this without any doubts about the program, outside of the cost.
  7. Rocky Mountain University https://www.facebook.com/groups/1355052457923069/
  8. Are you waiting on anywhere else?? I'm fairly certain I'll be excepting, regardless of what the last school I'm waiting on says.
  9. Mmm, I just got th follow up email. But I got a phone call and my email acceptance letter this morning!! It's my first acceptance and my third time applying so I am over the moon. I hope you hear good news
  10. I can't remember what order I put them on CSDCAS, but I would love to be in Pocatello for financial reasons--my mom's friend did her PhD there are owns a house she would rent out to me for pretty cheap. Meridian is really close to my uncle's, so it would be nice to be near family! I would honestly be happy with even online at this point, however! You?
  11. Have you heard anything yet? I saw in the results page that some people got a phone call yesterday that they were accepted! I was super nervous for the interview, but Dr. Spencer made that go away instantly. Anxious to hear back now!
  12. I answered my own question, whoops. I guess I didn't realize that they had just started doing interviews. Very cool! Can't wait to interview.
  13. I'm assuming they've already given out some acceptances...do you know if they have?
  14. Yeah, I applied like Friday or Saturday and I have an interview tomorrow. How did it go? Definitely a lot of money, but I have to think it over as this is my third time applying....may be worth it if I were to be offered a spot, but we'll see!
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