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  1. Has anyone else been accepted for the summer or fall of 2018 cohort?
  2. @HoneyBee03 Well I’m glad you found this thread! And thank you, I hope you hear back good news soon .
  3. Thank you both for replying! @SLP1818 How did they notify you? And is there somewhere we could check our application status?
  4. Has anyone heard back yet or know when they might be sending out letters?
  5. Has anyone heard from Seton Hall? If so how long ago were you contacted?
  6. @katherinexo Yes, I applied for the Fall 2018 online program that is based in Florida. I think I submitted my application Feb. 1st or mid January. When did you submit your application and which cohort did you apply for?
  7. @Brandie8918 Yea, I had my interview over the phone last week. It was very chill, the lady was nice, and I think she asked me like 8 questions. @TurboDog15 I’m not sure, sorry!
  8. @bosmama It is for me and I’m pretty sure that is where I’ll be attending. Is this one of your top choices too?
  9. Hi! I heard back from Howard last Friday.
  10. Nice ??! I’m super excited as this was my top choice, and funding is also something I’m trying to figure out. Do either of you guys have an idea on where to look or go?
  11. Is this your top choice or one of your top choices?
  12. Congrats, and I was accepted Friday!
  13. Just heard back from Nova this morning about scheduling an interview. Has anyone else? Also, does anyone have any additional information about the online program or even about the types of questions they may ask during the interview?
  14. That's okay, I think you still have a chance! My friend was also accepted and her stats were a little lower than mine and she also retook the gre twice (145Q, 143V, 4W, and 3.63 gpa). Also, I've applied to eight schools: Hampton, Howard, Seton Hall, Elmhurst, Nova Southeastern, Cleveland state, Washington State, and University of Washington. And I knew I wanted to apply to Howard and I was trying to figure out another HBCU to possibly attend, so I figured why not Hampton. I've done more research about the program now that I have been accepted and I think it would a great place to get a degree, but like you there are a few things that worry me.
  15. Thank you! I applied I think the end of December or early January and just heard back last Friday. Also, I sent my application in first and then had my professors send my recommendations separately when they were done. As for my stats they aren’t that impressive: 3.7 CD gpa, 148Q, 152V, and 4.5W. Also, good luck
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