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  1. I don’t know anyone else but I sent mine.
  2. Hey hey hey, I was accepted into HU’s grad school for communicative sciences and disorders for fall 2018. Was wondering who else would be in the program or in Grad School here period. I have so many questions about the school and the life of a grad student. I completed undergrad at a HBCU but I’m sure undergrad and grad life is totally different. Any tips on finding roommates? What to expect from orientation?
  3. Have you heard anything back from anyone yet? I had similar stats and was accepted to Hampton.
  4. Hey ladies, Like you all I applied to Hampton University SLP program and was accepted. I do plan on attending. How did you ladies arrange for housing ? Do y’all hold undergrad degrees in speech or will you be taking the prerequisite classes at Hampton as well? I would really like to get to speak with other students before going since I’m currently in Atl, Ga. Do you all plan on attending Orientation? I have no clue of what to expect. @mimithebellydancer @SLP<3 @Shorell19 @HoneyBee03 @*Speak2Me*
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