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  1. I was accepted with a spot so i wasn't given a number on the waitlist, I'm not sure if they do that :/
  2. I got an email and then I received the official letter a week later!
  3. I applied for NAU Summer track last year and I got my acceptance in April. Kinda late...
  4. Nope, I'm a first year graduate student so I've totally been in your shoes!
  5. I interviewed with CSUSM last year if you needed anything
  6. Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    Hi, I'm also a first year graduate student if any one has any questions/ advice.
  7. Hi! I had a couple on campus and off campus interviews. Most of them (on campus) took you on a tour, had a Q&A and then the interview process (group and individual). They asked questions like why SLP? why the specific school? That sort of thing! My best advice, be yourself!!
  8. Any Interview Advice?

    Where are you interviewing at? I'm a current student and may be able to help you out!
  9. I'm a current grad student, and I've been if your shoes. If you need any help, good thoughts, or just a vent session feel free to reach out!
  10. How to dress for interviews?

    I wore business casual but DEFINITELY wear a blazer!
  11. SLP Denied Acceptance/Acceptance Q's

    All of mine eventually let me know, some a little later though!
  12. Provisional Acceptance?

    Provisional acceptances are pretty common especially if you don't have a background in speech
  13. Emerson vs. Redlands

    I am SO happy for you. It sounds like you have mapped it all out and I have followed your journey and know this wasn't an easy decision. I know you'll be great at Emerson and I wish you the best in your career!!!!