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  1. I was accepted with a spot so i wasn't given a number on the waitlist, I'm not sure if they do that :/
  2. I got an email and then I received the official letter a week later!
  3. I applied for NAU Summer track last year and I got my acceptance in April. Kinda late...
  4. Nope, I'm a first year graduate student so I've totally been in your shoes!
  5. I interviewed with CSUSM last year if you needed anything
  6. kayyyyy_

    Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    Hi, I'm also a first year graduate student if any one has any questions/ advice.
  7. Hi! I had a couple on campus and off campus interviews. Most of them (on campus) took you on a tour, had a Q&A and then the interview process (group and individual). They asked questions like why SLP? why the specific school? That sort of thing! My best advice, be yourself!!
  8. kayyyyy_

    Any Interview Advice?

    Where are you interviewing at? I'm a current student and may be able to help you out!
  9. I'm a current grad student, and I've been if your shoes. If you need any help, good thoughts, or just a vent session feel free to reach out!
  10. kayyyyy_

    How to dress for interviews?

    I wore business casual but DEFINITELY wear a blazer!
  11. kayyyyy_

    SLP Denied Acceptance/Acceptance Q's

    All of mine eventually let me know, some a little later though!
  12. kayyyyy_

    Provisional Acceptance?

    Provisional acceptances are pretty common especially if you don't have a background in speech
  13. kayyyyy_

    Emerson vs. Redlands

    I am SO happy for you. It sounds like you have mapped it all out and I have followed your journey and know this wasn't an easy decision. I know you'll be great at Emerson and I wish you the best in your career!!!!

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