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  1. Provisional Acceptance?

    Provisional acceptances are pretty common especially if you don't have a background in speech
  2. Emerson vs. Redlands

    I am SO happy for you. It sounds like you have mapped it all out and I have followed your journey and know this wasn't an easy decision. I know you'll be great at Emerson and I wish you the best in your career!!!!
  3. Moving out of state

  4. Moving out of state

    Just a little bit of encouragement.. I just found an apartment and was able to sign the lease via internet and all is good there is hope for us moving out of state!
  5. NYU SLP online program?

    I don't have a Facebook either and I've been told that they use the Facebook group for roommate situations.
  6. No acceptances (yet), only rejections

    Thanks I've already committed to my grad program!
  7. No acceptances (yet), only rejections

    You're gunna hear great news!!! Fingers crossed for you!
  8. I feel like volunteer experience is supplemental to your application. The question you need to ask yourself is, when the programs look at you as a whole, do you have applicable experience? I have a lot of volunteer experience within NSSHLA, other clubs and I am also a SLPA. It really just depends on your application as a whole hope this helps!
  9. Thoughts on housing

    You could contact the program admin assistant and ask, or try to join their Facebook group, or craigslist of some sort
  10. Thoughts on housing

    I've heard that it really depends on the type of person you are. I feel like both could have positives and negatives. If you live with someone in your program, you're going to be with this person 24/7 and they could be your support system through the program. It's a live in study buddy and accountability partner. On the other hand, you're with this person 24/7 and if your personality doesn't mesh well, it could lead to a stressful life with no outlet. I don't need a roommate but my friends all opted out of living with cohort members. They did choose to room with other "stressful and demanding" majors though (nursing, pre med, OT, PT) so that they understood that when they were studying the roommate wouldn't just have a party, sort of thin
  11. 2018 Speech Language Pathology Thread!

    6 is very little, I definitely think graduate programs would make you take additional courses. Also the 4 required ASHA prereqs, have you taken those? (chem/ bio, physics, social science and statistics?) They definitely want that before you're in the program.
  12. Choosing SLP Grad Program

    Prior to even receiving my notifications, I ranked all my schools. I ranked them based on cost, location, program reputation and what I "knew" about the program by doing some research. Then once I started hearing from schools, I visited my top 3 and made my decision from there.
  13. Emerson vs. Redlands

    I would think being out on the west coast might be slightly more beneficial if this is where you see yourself because of the networking aspect.
  14. 2017 Applicants Here!

    I feel like programs expect this from at least one person every year, it definitely happens. It's not a situation you want to be in, but it does happen. Don't make a decision based on emotions but rather based on the reality of this situation. If Washington is a better program and you can pull off the cost financially, i'd say go for it. If your gut is telling you to stay at CSUN then keep your spot Definitely way out all options but don't make your decision based on a spot you already accepted and worried about that.