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  1. Low undergrad GPA and SOP

    Hi, so I didn't do a post-bacc program and my undergrad was in CSD, but I had a very low cumulative GPA caused by school grades from about ten+ years ago. However, I had a 4.0 in all my CSD classes. Basically, my cumulative GPA was about a 3.03 when I applied to schools last year, my last 60 units GPA was a 3.96, and my CSD GPA was 4.0. I was so scared of applying to schools and having them look at my cumulative GPA and not my CSD GPA. In the end, I was accepted to 4 schools, and waitlisted at a few schools too. My suggestion for you is to apply to programs that look at the last 60 units and ones that parallel your interests. Mention your previous grades in your SOP if you feel it is warranted, but gloss over them quickly and bring it around to how much you have grown and it has helped you to be an amazing student/clinician now. Try to get a good score on the GRE, if you have not already, and just focus on how far you've come. Good luck!!
  2. CSU Northridge Stats?

    Hi, I did my undergrad at CSUN, and was accepted to their residential grad program (I am going elsewhere though). As the previous poster stated, they are very picky about which prerequisites they prefer you to have. They say to shoot for at least a 300 total with GRE, and a 4 or above is preferable for the writing portion. They do look at the whole student, but if they only see a few of their specific prerequisites then they aren't as inclined to admit students (or if you are admitted then you do have to take the undergrad classes they feel you're lacking). It is just about as competitive as other CSU schools, but maybe just a bit less so. They also have a distance ed program that might be even less competitive if you are interested in that. Good luck!! Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about their program.
  3. I think you have a solid shot at getting into grad school for SLP. What is your CSD GPA vs your cumulative GPA? I had a much worse cumulative GPA, but a 4.0 in CSD and about a 3.96 for the last 60 units. For some schools, it affected their decision, but I still was accepted into 4 SLP grad programs. I did not have any research background, nor was I a member of NSSLHA, but I did have LOTs of experience working with children and focusing on their unique needs. My GRE was similar, 154 V/146 Q/4.0 AW. I feel like if you get a chance to retake the GRE and raise it a tad bit, that would be incredibly beneficial for your situation. Write an amazing LOR, and I bet you'll get into several schools too. Now, if your CSD GPA isn't very high, then it makes faculty wonder why and that'll be another annoying hurtle. Keep rocking it, and you'll be past the stressful and scary stage of getting into grad school.
  4. Who to ask for LORs?

    Honestly, I would ask both the Spanish professor and the CSD professor you are currently taking a class from for a LOR. You never know if one professor might procrastinate too long (I had this happen and had to find a LOR writer at the last minute last year), or which letter would be better in the long run. By the end of the semester, you'll probably have a much better report with the second professor and they'll be able to assess your most current work ethics. Good luck!
  5. Number of school's you're apply to?

    You GRE scores are almost the same as mine (154 V, 146 Q, and 4.0 AW), and I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 (but when I applied to schools, the cumulative GPA was a 3.1, and CSDCAS lowered it with their weird calculations to a 2.97). BUT my CD GPA was a 4.0, and that REALLY helped me. I applied to about 10 or 11 schools. I don't really remember as it seemed like an application frenzy. In the end, I was accepted to Radford U, CSUN (where I did my undergrad), Western Washington U (where I'll be starting grad school this month), and Idaho State U. I was waitlisted at a couple other schools too and rejected by several. I spent a lot of time on ASHA searching for schools that I might have a chance with, and emailed them to see which ones focused more on cumulative GPA vs the GPA of the last 60 units. (My last 60 GPA was about a 3.96). Some didn't even look at me, which hurt, as the student I was 10 years ago is not the student I am today (hence the GPA difference). I think that what helped me in the end was that I built up my application in other places. I had a decent SOP and my LORs were pretty good too (I am assuming there). My personality and passion shined through my writing, and because of that I am now getting ready for grad school. Good luck!! If you have time, it might help to try to raise your GRE (but if not, it might be good enough for some schools).
  6. Requesting Improvement Info from Schools

    Ugh. I think you're making a good decision, as painful as it may seem. You're two years away from your dream job. Forget the years that you'll spend paying it all back off. At least you'll be doing something you love (I'm assuming here).
  7. Requesting Improvement Info from Schools

    Does this mean you're turning down the school you've been accepted to in hopes of getting in another year? Debt is such a scary thing, I can relate. It all boils down to what you can live with. Good luck with either decision! I know I get sick every time I think about the amount of debt I'll be in after I'm done with grad school.
  8. CV/ Resume

    If I recall correctly, not every school required a resume/CV. Maybe either your schools don't require that, or the resume will be required on another tab in the CSDCAS. Good luck! CSDCAS was difficult to work on at best.
  9. CSUN Certificate of Pre-SLP

    Hello there! I am so sorry you're struggling with getting into grad school. This field is so competitive!! I attended CSUN for my undergrad, on campus. If I recall correctly, they have discontinued their Pre-SLP distance program. Maybe it's starting back up? It's worth an email to the school to find out, but don't get your hopes up. Also, the guaranteed entrance into their distance ed master's program was only if you get a 4.0 in every class. Again, I am not sure, but I think this is the case. With that said, they do still have their distance ed master's program, and that is an option to apply to. I have an acquaintance that goes to their distance ed master's program, and she has a comparable GPA/GRE to you. Good luck!! I am sorry that I don't have better info for you. If you've finished the 2nd bachelor's at USU, the pre-SLP at CSUN (if it were still available) wouldn't be worthwhile since you've already taken so many of those classes. I hope the best for you!!
  10. VENT: Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine (and some wine with my whine too!) Seriously. I. Hate. Packing. It has been about 105-110 F here in Los Angeles this weekend, and I'll be moving my whole family to Washington in approximately 10 days. Packing, children, heat, are just not fun right now. We had a yard sale this weekend, and I melted. Everything is stressful and scary, but I'm so soooooo thrilled to be headed toward a beautiful town that doesn't get as hot as 110 F in the summer; especially because I will be going to grad school (FINALLY) for SLP. Dreams and nightmares, all wrapped up together. Anyone else stressing over a major move? Anyone have any packing tips? Anyone want to pack all my stuff and drive it up the Pacific Coast for me (hah)? Or maybe take half my stuff and start some huge bonfire at the beach? That is all. VENT OVER.
  11. Graduate Admissions GPA

    This should not be an issue if you kick butt in your classes as a transfer student. If you get all As and a B or two, your GPA should raise up even more and be acceptable. For me, I had a 2.4 GPA before I transferred to a university to finish my bachelor's. Yes, 2.4 (and that was after raising it a bit)!! I lived a different life when I was younger, and my GPA reflects upon my immaturity at the time. After I transferred, I received all As and one B (in Biology). So, my department GPA was a 4.0, and my last 60 GPA (which did include some of my previous grades, but fortunately only decent ones) was about a 3.9. It made my cumulative GPA drop down to a 3.1 at graduation, and CSDCAS calculated it to be a 2.97 (which screwed me for several of the schools I applied to). In the end, I was accepted to 4 schools (2 off the waitlist and 2 outright acceptances) and rejected by 6. About 3 of them did not even consider me because of my cumulative GPA. My best advice to you is to just get all As, especially in your department classes!! If you do that, nothing can stop you. Good luck, and don't give up! You're in such a better place than I was entering my upper division classes.
  12. Pregnant in Grad School??

    Kudos to you, mama! School and pregnancy did not work for me. What job are you able to do full-time while in grad school with a 2 year old and pregnant? Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and grad school!
  13. Financial Aid/Funding for Dummies

    Soooooo, just for clarification, filling out the FAFSA is not enough to apply for a gradPLUS loan? I'm pretty sure I'll need to apply for one... Thanks!!
  14. I think it depends on the school. When I applied to schools on CSDCAS, they calculated my GPA slightly lower than some of my schools' minimums for GPA. For a few of those schools, it mattered and I was rejected without even being considered. However, after I emailed the schools that this might be an issue at and plead my case, a couple of the schools were very helpful. I was accepted at 2 of those schools. It didn't hurt that I have a 4.0 in CSD classes though (and 3.9 in last 60 units), as it reflected my current potential for grad school. Mostly, it was hard to know that I wasn't looked at by schools that I really wanted to get into because of a different way of calculating my GPA. I hope this is not the case for you, but just know there are many schools that will welcome your GPA with a strong GRE, SOP, LoR, experience, etc.
  15. Praxis

    Messaging you my email as well!! Thank you!