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  1. Some additional considerations (relating to certain fashion trends): no shoulder cutouts, no shirts that have low fronts or backs (i'd also avoid ones that feature cut-outs in those areas), make sure you wear closed toes shoes that also cover your heel, no sheer tops that show your bra, dresses should fall at least to a couple inches above your knees. "From-fitting" professional pants are OK as long as they have pockets (or at least the illusion of), zipper, button, and belt loops. Leggings aren't okay alone unless you're wearing dress with it. Honestly, I just bought a few things that I designated as my "clinic outfits" and wore them when I had clinic. Boring, yes, but it also saved me from the stress of putting together a variety of professional attire.
  2. As many as you can afford, both time-wise and financially- without sacrificing quality of each individual application. I considered myself to be a fairly strong candidate and applied to 6 schools. I was denied at four, wait-listed at one (still haven't heard anything back), and got into one. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten in and do not have to wait another year.. If I knew it was going to be this competitive, I would have applied to more schools. I think an important factor to consider is that the many of people who frequent this forum are very committed and exceptionally strong candidates. I'm not sure they represent the typical population or experience of SLP applicants.
  3. I'm actually moving to the Philly area from the northwest so you won't be the only one from out of town. My husband is familiar with the area (and is very excited to move back) so I am going to leave the task of apartment hunting to his expertise. Do any Philly people have any suggestions on where to live that would be an easy commute to Salus? Also, is finding an apartment a competitive process over there? The city I live in now has a low vacancy rate and finding a reasonably priced apartment in a decent location is a real challenge.
  4. Thanks for the info. Did you end up replying to them after you received the email that you were going to accept, or wait until the official letter arrived? I'm really excited to meet you this fall!! It's going to be great!
  5. Definitely planning on accepting! I love their focus on inter-professional learning & I want to approach SLP from a medical angle. Additionally, they were the only program that I felt respected the commitment and time I've spent applying and communicated with me. I felt they were interested in me as a person rather than just my GRE or GPA scores. No other school has taken the initiative to do that. Did you get your formal acceptance letter in the mail, yet? Like you, I'm eager on making it official.
  6. I guess I did. I got an acceptance email this morning!!
  7. Well, guys. I had an interview today on skype. This was my first grad interview ever & really tried to prepare. I feel like I did awful. Nerves got the best of me & froze up, rambled to the point where I found myself talking about something not related to the original question. Additionally, I couldn't think of any new questions to ask them because I felt like they had already addressed them. The interviewers were great though- very professional and friendly. The program looks amazing & can tell the faculty is very dedicated. I really hope I did not do as poorly as I think I did. I'm definitely applying again next year unless some miracle happens where I get in.
  8. I got an email today asking me for an interview but it sounds like on-campus is the only option. I'm on the other side of the country and buying a plane ticket ATM is would be really hard on me financially. I feel now that the class is full & there are so many people already on the standby list, the chances of me getting in are so low that making that financial sacrifice would be unwise. I'll request a Skype option but not overly optimistic. Did you have your interview yet @slptobe92? How did it go?
  9. I ended up submitting an application there last minute (on the day of the deadline). I realize that my chances are probably slim, but you never know and any chance is better than none at this point. A couple questions: If selected for an interview is there a skype option or do you have travel to their campus? Is the standby list ranked or ordered in any way? How many people typically get on them? I see more waitlists than rejections in the gradcafe results section.
  10. Hi Everyone, I want to send a letter of continued interest to a school I was waitlisted at and I have a few questions: Is a letter like this generally well-received? I don't want to come across as pushy or entitled. Should I send it now or should I wait until around April 15th? What is important to include in such a letter? How long should it be? Thanks for everyone's input!
  11. I was waitlisted at La Salle and the letter specifically said to not contact them inquiring about said waitlist. Which is unfortunate because they're my only shot at this point and I would really like to know if there's a chance. Do any current or former students know anything about their admissions and waitlist process? Anybody accepted off the waitlist in the past?
  12. YOU GUYS! I got my first non-rejection! I was wait-listed at La Salle. Does anyone know any additional information on how La Salle's waitlist process works? I'm wondering if I have an actual chance or if it's likely to turn into gentle rejection.
  13. Glad this tread was created and they're others in the same boat. @Arcanelady27, I am truly sorry to hear that this is the third time in a row you have gone through this experience. I really hope that the schools you applied to recognize your resilience and passion for the field, qualities that are so much more important than numbers. This is my first time applying and this experience is leaving me feeling broken. I think I can summon enough grit to recover and try again next year, but it has still been a traumatic experience.
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