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  1. Arizona State University is my top choice, even though it is very competitive to get into. Does anyone know what exactly they're looking for? Anyone ever been accepted or gone to the program?
  2. @speechfan222 I've called them and they said they like to see the 50th percentile, but they said they would reject me just based off my scores
  3. I have an overall gpa of 3.7 and major gpa of 3.8. I'm mostly concerned over my GRE scores. I took it twice and the best I did was a 148 on each section the first time, and a 4.0 on AW the second time. I wrote a very good personal statement, have plenty of work experience, and I'm a NSSLHA officer for my school's chapter. I'm just scared that I won't get accepted due to my GRE scores. What do you all think?
  4. I took the GRE two weeks ago and did absolutely awful (Verbal: 148, Quant: 148, Writing: 3.0). I'm going to take it again, but fear I won't do much better. Will this seriously hinder my chances of getting into graduate school?
  5. How important are GRE scores to graduate schools? I'm afraid if I don't get at least a 150 on each section, even with studying. I don't want my GRE scores to make or break my admission into grad school.
  6. I'm so nervous about not getting into grad school. I feel like my application won't be good enough. I have a 3.75 overall gpa but I'm not sure about the major gpa. Haven't taken the GRE yet but I'm hoping for a 300. I'm in three clubs, including NSSLHA which I'm the treasurer for. I've worked as an aide for children with special needs the past three summers in which I also got to observe speech therapy sessions (I should mention that I want to work with children when I become an SLP). I do extracurricular activities at home too, as well as occasionally babysit. I have the work experience and have observed outside of the required hours, but I'm afraid that it's not enough to get me accepted. Can anyone give me some advice?
  7. @Crimson Wife I don't have my SLPA license. I'm an undergraduate student and I'm going to apply to graduate programs in the fall.
  8. I've heard that grad school in speech pathology is a full-time job. I was wondering if it is possible to work part-time while in grad school? I have to make money somehow since I'll need an apartment, car, etc.
  9. @futureSpeechLP @jmk what about schools in Arizona and Nevada?
  10. I'm from New York and I plan on applying to graduate schools out west, since my family will be moving out there in 2018. I heard it is easier to get into schools on the west coast than the northeast and east coast. Is that actually true?
  11. My GPA so far is a 3.75 and I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I don't expect to do well on it. I'm on the E-board of NSSLHA at my school, I do extracurriculars at home and school, and I have relevant work experience. I just really want to get in the first time I apply.
  12. Hi! I'm an undergrad student and in my senior year of college. I'll be applying to graduate schools in the fall, and I was wondering how many I should apply to? I have 8 on my list, but that can get expensive with application costs. However, it's hard to get into grad programs so I want to make sure I have options and multiple opportunities. What do you all think?
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