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  1. Here is Concordia University Wisconsin's FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/246441686429167/
  2. Hey! Your feelings are totally valid!! There is so much unknown in our world right now, the unknown of what's ahead in grad school in just a few months does not make things any easier! What parts specifically make you believe that UWM will not be a great fit for you? The school/program itself? The Milwaukee area? I just ask because I lived a few blocks from UWM this year for school (didn't actually attend UWM). I'd would be happy to answer any questions you have about the area! I'm not from Milwaukee as well, so I had the experience of getting used to living in an entirely new city and could offer some insight/advice if you think it would be helpful
  3. I've heard from every other program I've applied to by now...except ETSU. Based on the results page here on gradcafe (which I spend way too much time on, btw) They have sent out acceptances, waitlists, and rejections. I checked my portal and it still says my application is under review. Is it possible that I just won't hear back from them? Is that a thing? I applied to them just for fun anyway, so I won't be heartbroken if I get a rejection-I've already been accepted to other schools that I will more likely attend. I just thought it was interesting that given the $60 application fee I haven't even received a response yet. Has anyone else experienced something like this? How did it work out for you?
  4. I just submitted my last applications today!! Feeling very jittery:) I'm applying to Maryville University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), East Tennessee State University, and Concordia University Wisconsin!!
  5. This is correct! I am applying to two schools in "candidacy" status. The degree you would earn from either of these schools is just as valuable as a degree from a "fully accredited" school. Essentially, schools in candidacy statues are accredited, they're just new. A new program needs to be in candidacy status for a minimum of 3-5 years, in which they are closely watched and criticized to ensure things are operating correctly. After that, nothing really changes except that they are given "accreditation status".
  6. I looked over the most commonly used vocabulary words a few times when I was bored. Otherwise, I pretty much just studied test taking strategies. For math, I used Gregmats quant strategies playlist on his YouTube channel, I think there are like 5 videos. Other than that, I had a very rough understanding of basic formulas (area of a triangle, diameter of a circle, and the annoying sine/cosine/tangent stuff) going into the test from a little bit of review.
  7. HI! Just dropping in to give you some encouragement! I am someone who would certainly identify as "math illiterate" as well😂. However, between my first GRE and my second GRE I raised my quant score by 5 points! I literally only studied Gregmat videos on YouTube and other test taking strategies. I didn't study any math "content" at all. I did the same for the verbal section and went up 6 points! I'm a firm believer that strategies of the GRE test can be learned, so don't sweat too much!
  8. Try looking into newer programs. I've heard sometimes those are easier to get into!
  9. There are quite a few threads on this already in the forum, just type "no gre" in the search bar and they should come up for you.
  10. It's for credit increments, so if you took a class that was 3.00 credits then you would enter 3 and then 00 in the dropdown box.
  11. Hi, not sure if this would be of any interest to you, but Nevada State has started a new SLP program this year. I have heard it may be easier to be admitted into newer programs so it might be worth taking a look!
  12. You can PM me and I'd be happy to talk about it there! In short, I like a lot of things. I have really enjoyed my experience there so far.
  13. Can I ask how you got a 4.7 on writing when it is scored in .5 increments?
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