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  1. I actually declined my interview because I already got into my top school. Best of luck though Im sure everyone will do great!
  2. Ole Miss University of Alabama Abilene Christian East Carolina Florida State U South Carolina Samford
  3. Hey! I got offered an interview there and my application still says under review! Best of luck 🙂
  4. you should be just fine! be sure to study hard for the GRE and really nail those scores to come off as a well rounded applicant!
  5. im also applying to CSU long beach !!! good luck !!!
  6. Hey girl! I also applied to south carolina and just got my unofficial acceptance yesterday! I got offered a research assistantship there
  7. Hey yall! good luck on your graduate applications. Major(s) Communication Sciences & Disorders and Psychology Which programs I am applying to: The University of Alabama; CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, Florida State University, Ole Miss, ECU, Abilene Christian, Samford University. Where I am from: California, but attend The University of Alabama currently for undergrad GRE: 156 V, 154 Q, 4.7 W GPA: 4.0 major Biggest concern about my applications: GRE scores and the fact that California schools might be hesitant about accepting me having an undergraduate degree from Alabama yall feel free to fill this out yourselves and we can stress out together!
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