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  1. I officially committed to NOAC! If anyone knows if there is a Facebook page can you please let me know?😁😁
  2. Hi everyone, I heard back from NOAC today and was waitlisted so I was wondering if anyone else was waitlisted also. Also any previous NOAC students that were waitlisted did you get in? Just trying to see if I should wait or not to hear back from them.
  3. I emailed them yesterday and Dr. Forbes said that acceptance and waitlist emails should be sent out later this week for Kent State students, but I saw some people already get acceptance emails so I’m not entirely sure. Just an update I thought I’d let you know. I guess if I here nothing by the end of this week I’m just going to assume I didn’t get in.
  4. Has anyone heard back from NOAC yet? I’m thinking I just didn’t get in, but I have not received an email either way. 😕
  5. hi everybody! I got accepted into Salus university and they said that I have 14 days to tell them if I am committing to there school, so my question is if I accept and get in a school I like more can I back out on Salus? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi everyone I just got offered an interview for Salus university and was wondering what I should expect and any help with the interview process. Currently freaking out so anything will help! thank you 😁
  7. Hi everyone! For fall 2021 I am applying to Salus University, and NOAC (Kent state/ Akron university) for the AuD programs
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