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  1. If you don't mind me asking what do you mean by FAFSA paying for it? How does the funding work? For example, is it through loans? How did you figure all this out (sorry for so many questions)
  2. I'm happy someone posted about this because I'm starting to feel the same way! I am a preemptive worrier (like you it seems). However, while worrying isn't the best, it can sometimes push us to work as hard as we can! In my case, it has (although, I must admit it wasn't always helpful). BUT, I believe that at least some of it, is the reason I got into my top grad school, which I would say it ranked fairly well. <--- (which also makes me nervous). However, like others, I keep reminding myself I was chosen out of hundreds.. So, the grad school must believe I will do well (at least to some extent :D). Like another poster said, for now just try to enjoy your summer and RELAX. Take the time you need to mentally prepare for some of the stressors to come. Take up yoga or learn a strategy that helps reduce anxiety..... Also, make sure to adjust your academic expectations... A current SLP grad student told me to get use to getting "B's" & grades you didn't normally get in undergrad & KNOW THAT IT IS OK! Grad school is suppose to be tougher than undergrad which means you shouldn't be getting perfect scores on anything. All in all, DEFINITELY get use to receiving constructive criticism! Let's hope I can take my own advice! AHH! Good Luck
  3. So funny! I've had so many dreams about grad school, but mainly just about my top school! Clearly it means a lot to you if you are dreaming. Luckily, I got a call the other of my acceptance off the wait-list. However, I still haven't received my official grad school letter of acceptance & IM STILL DREAMING. Hahah it's so crazy!
  4. Right, since you said yes you wanted to remain on the wait-list, I'm sure just right there shows interest. I don't feel another email would be necessary! My situation was a little different as she wasn't asking me if I wanted to remain on a wait-list. It was essentially her saying " hey your next on the list for us to call and offer admissions too, are you still interested." In my opinion, I think all grad schools have the list set up and ranked on who they are going to call. I didn't do this, but I read about people contacting schools to ask where they are on the wait-list, to see if they are high or not. It seems the grad schools were informative and nice about the questions. That definitely shows interest! But like you said, you don't want to annoy them and write another email. So, I guess its really up to you! In the end, the schools going to do what they want to do and unfortunately it's out of our hands So, I'm not sure how much emailing would actually help. This grad school stuff is stressful!
  5. So I applied there back in February and heard back at the beginning on March that I was waitlisted. I did not reply to that email at all. April 13th I received a phone call from the director asking if I was still interested in the program and I said yes.. She said something like if I was still interested & not committed anywhere else then she would recommend me to the graduate school for admittance... So, I believe she gave me the acceptance before I told her how likely I was to go there... because right after that then she asked me how likely I was to go there if they recommended me to the grad school, that's when I told her the 95-99%. Then I just confirmed with her again that this meant I was accepted into the program & she said yes. She was very wordy and not clear so I had to double check haha! but either way it was good news. What did you email about? Were they asking if you were still interested in the program? or was it you emailing them about updates?
  6. I got off the waitlist for UMASS on April 13th!! I did not email or contact them in anyway throughout the process. I was content with what I thought would be a soon rejection email after the 15th. I feel I wasn't worried because I was accepted by two other schools and was in the process of committing to one of those schools. However, when I received the phone call that they were admitting me I was so excited!! I pretty much told her I was likely accepting 95-99% so she said she would hold a spot. As of right now, I only received an email of my acceptance. I should be hearing back on Monday/Tuesday with an official acceptance letter from the grad school. While I am kind of concerned/annoyed with how unofficial and last minute it was.. I am seriously just appreciative I got accepted. It is my top school, so I am PUMPED! I wish everyone the best of luck on the waitlist!! All I can say, is make sure to have a plan B and make the best out of your situation! But, at the same time, don't give up hope!
  7. Does anyone know the total cost of UMASS Amherst for 2 years in the Com Dis Masters program????? I know this is random, but I don't understand what they have on their website.
  8. Thank you so much for your information! It is very helpful and good to know people are having a decent experience. I am a firm believer in "you can make the best of any situation" so I feel that's the mindset you need going into grad school. Good luck in school! I'm also in my last semester. What schools have you applied too??
  9. Hi! I really don't feel right talking on the behalf of the program since I really have no proof any of this is true. However, I will tell you what I've heard. I've heard through my undergraduate program rumors from other alumni students that have gone to WSU Graduate SLP program ended up dropping out. Some came back crying and one person used the word "disorganized" to describe the program. Why... I don't know, that's why I don't know how valid this information is. However, I will say my undergrad program has gone through changes that have made it seem disorganized at times.. and I still love my program! So, once again I'm not sure A poster above me commented on a more updated and probably more valid experience from current graduate students. I would take a look at that. WSU is the most realistic option for me right now. I'm 90% most likely to go there if I do not get accepted to the other school I applied too. It's definitely an awesome price!
  10. Hi! I wanted to make this forum in hopes someone has experience/information about the SLP graduate program at Worcester state? I've been accepted there and to UNH. Being from MASS, my cheaper and more realistic option is Worcester. So, most likely, I will be accepting there if I get rejected from my other schools. Anyways, I haven't heard THE BEST things about WSU... However, I'm SURE not everyone's experience has been negative... Please post and let me know any information you have about information and experiences from Worcester!! Thank you!
  11. I haven't wanted to cry at all throughout this whole grad process until now... I am trying to make the school I got accepted to seem like yeah "realistically" I can totally afford that but I CANT. I'm trying to look up scholarships etc. and I can't seem to find any except itty bitty ones. This is such a struggle. Is it possible that financial aid has any scholarships or grants they could give when you receive funding from the school? -- without being related to the department at all because I've already been shut down from all there assistantships.
  12. I'm very sorry to hear that! but thank you for the information. I have been waitlisted for UMASS and I have below average GRE scores, i think very good LOR, lots of experience, good personal statement, and I GPA 4.0. I also transferred schools so I technically have 5 years of undergrad under my belt.
  13. Hi Everyone! I'm curious if anyone has been offered admissions to a school and then heard at a later date about funding or assistantships. I was accepted back in February. The acceptance letter said they are making decisions about it within the next month. So far, I haven't seen anyone accept or get offered any funding. But I feel like I just want to know now and I'm sick of waiting. So I'm looking for advice, do you think it would be bad if I call and as if they gave them out yet? Need help because I'm going crazy waiting haha! Anyways, I am talking about UNH. However, this may apply to other schools as well! Send me in your thoughts and advice!
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