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  1. Hi!!! Everyone add me on Facebook Tessa Beloved, Spokane Washington and I will add everyone to the group
  2. If you could email me your full name to tessabeloved55@gmail.com I’ll create one and I’ll add you!
  3. Hi! I don’t know how to message on here, but my email is tessabeloved55@gmail.com I’d love to ask you a few questions!
  4. Ahh. I’ve been trying so hard to research places and people I’m hoping we can start a Facebook page to comment places and possible roommates! Kinda a scary process moving across the country.
  5. Hi!! For those who have been accepted into FMU Fall of 2019, I would love to get to know some of you if not all! I am from Washington State and have never been to the South.. reaching out to see if I can get into contact with some possible and or future classmates!
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