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  1. Just declined my UT Austin offer. Hope to make someone happy tomorrow!!
  2. I think I'm about to do the same! Why is it so difficult to say no thanks?!?!
  3. I got a polite funding rejection email today, so you might have a shot on the wait list!
  4. Oh, another one! Last year there were two evening classes for first years. Do they expect to have evening classes for the incoming first years again, or will the classes most likely be during business hours? Thank you so much for doing this! I am excited to see what you are able to find out! Good luck!!
  5. For those interested in completing a thesis, how is this supported? Are we assigned a faculty advisor, thesis committee, or can we make requests? Any idea when we can expect funding decisions for Project LINC-SLP?
  6. Has anyone heard back from UT Austin on this funding?
  7. Tx State is trying to get their first round of admissions out by the end of this week.
  8. I got an acceptance from UT Austin, too! I am waiting on one other school before I try to sort through my decision, but I am so incredibly relieved that I made it into a program!!
  9. Would you mind messaging me your opinion about the program there, as well? And thank you for the heads up on the likely dates! We are all going crazy! 😂
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