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  1. slp2be811

    Facebook Groups for Programs

    Does anyone know if there's a Facebook page for Monmouth University yet?
  2. Does anyone have any information about Monmouth's program that they are willing to share? I am thinking about accepting my offer here, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight on what the program is like!
  3. slp2be811


    Did you interview for the SLP program? I didn't know they did interviews for it!
  4. slp2be811

    Facebook Groups for Programs

    Anyone know if a Facebook group for Salus University has been created?
  5. slp2be811


    I think I might do that, you're right, I have nothing to lose!
  6. slp2be811


    I submitted my application for Nova Southeastern back at the end of October for the Summer 2019 cohort, and never heard anything back from them. Although I would have withdrew my application if I were offered an interview (as I thankfully got accepted to a school that is located much closer to me), I still thought it was a bit odd that I never heard anything, even a rejection. Just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar situations as me!
  7. slp2be811

    Salus University Interview

    I believe most of the interview dates were on Mondays!
  8. slp2be811

    Salus University Interview

    I believe that you are supposed to set up a date once you receive the e-mail with an invitation, but I am not positive! The interview dates have a fixed number of spots for them, so they are on a first come first serve basis!
  9. slp2be811

    Salus University Interview

    Thank you so so much, this definitely helped me a ton! I have a lot of nerves going into my interview, but I can definitely say that these eased them up a bit! It's nice hearing from someone who went through the process, and I really appreciate you mentioning about the deposit, I can tell you for sure that I would have thought the same thing with the 15 days!
  10. slp2be811

    CSDCAS not working

    Is anyone else's CSDCAS not working? Every time I try to go to the site, it loads to a white blank page! Just trying to see if I am the only one with this issue lol
  11. Hi all! I just received an e-mail regarding an interview invitation for Salus University. I was wondering if anyone has had an interview them/has any insight on what their interview is like!
  12. slp2be811


    Congratulations!! Where will you be attending?
  13. slp2be811

    CSDCAS deadlines

    I did receive e-mails that said my applications were received from CSDCAS! However, what I found weird was that for one of my applications the school e-mailed me to let me know that it was received and could start to be reviewed, but for the other I have not. I guess it may depend on each school? I am sorry I am not of much help to you, I am with you on this, the process is very confusing especially if you do not have anyone close to you who has gone through it.
  14. slp2be811

    CSDCAS deadlines

    From my experience, I have been told to aim to submit your applications a month before the due date...I am doing that for all of mine just to be safe! The applications are then reviewed on a first come first serve basis. For example, I submitted my first application the second week of October and I received an e-mail from CSDCAS saying that it was verified within a week. However, the second application I submitted took around 3 weeks to verify. It all depends on how many applications they are receiving for review at the time, so I would shoot for a month in advance just to be safe! Hope this helps and good luck
  15. To the people who have applied to Nova...about how long after you submitted your application did you hear back about an interview? I just submitted mine about a week ago and am wondering about when I would hear if I got an interview. Thanks in advance!

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