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  1. rahopper

    Nerves after interview

    I interviewed Friday and was so shocked when I saw I was being interviewed by 4 people at the same time, I forgot to mention that I now work at Vanderbilt as a hearing technician which is a huge deal!! *face palm*
  2. I interviewed Friday with ISU. Check the results page to see if people have heard back from the other schools.
  3. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    @MeganBee Did you hear from NOAC? I am waitlisted, but will take my name off if I get accepted into Illinois State which I should hear from in the next week.
  4. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I interviewed this morning!! They sent out interview invitations Jan 30.
  5. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    When I emailed Dr. Miller today, she said that the committee is meeting next week, so maybe they will reach out then if possible?
  6. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

  7. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I just emailed Dr. Miller, and she said that applicants should hear by March 1st. She said I did not need anything else so hopefully I am still okay?
  8. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    Do you have to have a phone interview to be considered? Did they say that it is part of the process?
  9. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    Lol, I probably should have replied thanking them at least. I just had a million other things going on when I received the email, and it was the last thing on my mind after I read it!
  10. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I did not know that. I didn't even reply to the visitation day email because I knew I wasn't going to go since it was not mandatory and I would have to fly there. I mean, the email clearly stated that attending was not mandatory for admission.
  11. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    hi!! I have not heard anything from NOAC. I didn't attend the visitation day since it was not mandatory, but considering they just had the visitation day, I assume it will be a couple of weeks before we hear. I read in your other comments that they have an interview? I have looked all over their website, and haven't seen anything about an interview process for them. Maybe I missed something?
  12. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I sent my application in December 10, and it took Salus exactly 10 days to send an invitation, so December 20, but I did not go for the interview until over a month later because I wanted to push it back as far as possible. I interviewed Monday Jan. the 28th, and I got accepted yesterday! I believe that they only do in person interviews, and from my experience, I would recommend going just so you can meet people and see the campus.
  13. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I just flew back from Philly today after interviewing with Salus yesterday morning. Their interview process begins with a blind, one-on-one interview where she asks you questions about audiology, schooling, etc. Then you have another one-on-one interview with an admissions staff member who has seen your file. Here, I was asked strictly about academics, such as, GPA, GRE, any dips in grades, things that may help clarify why you did poorly on subjects or anything of that matter. Next, you will take a tour of the campus given by an AuD student and then have lunch. I started at 10 and left campus by 1:30. I really enjoyed my interviews and tour. The campus is small, without feeling crowded, which I liked a lot more than I thought I would. The only negative is I should have looked more into the cost of the program before applying because I was honestly shocked at how expensive it is. Good luck on your interview!!!
  14. rahopper

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    I emailed someone a few days ago, and they said they will not send the supplemental application until the end of the month!! I was starting to worry also!
  15. I am shocked that your professor would tell you that, and I hate that you had to hear that. Honestly, to me, it is very belittling considering you have a high GPA and experience within the field. Since you are applying to ten schools, I feel your chances are pretty high. Are some of those schools back up schools that you meet all the requirements for or all they all a stretch? Have you looked into University of Cincinnati? They have top rated hospitals right by their medical campus, so I am sure that they would have wonderful placements. I am applying there, but for audiology.

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