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  1. Fall '19

    Fall 2019 anyone?

    I am so, so bad at quants, haha! Good luck, everybody. And I'll try the Manhattan 5lb after I'm done with Princeton Rev.Premium and ETS. (Still not done, yikes!)
  2. Fall '19

    Fall 2019 anyone?

    I know! However, I had posted here few months back and no harming in wishing anyone and everyone, right?! Good luck with your applications! I am taking the GRE in a month and the quants are quite a bother. But, keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Fall '19

    Fall 2019 anyone?

    Starting preparations, for History though. Good luck!
  4. Fall '19

    Top 10 Medievalists (Alive)

    I'd like to include Sunil Kumar's name in this list. (The Emergence of the Delhi Sultanate).

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