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  1. Do you have to spend a lot of money/time to travel to the schools that you’re interviewing with? If not, then I would just in case. You never know if they will offer you an assistantship as well. If it’s going to cost you a lot of money to travel there, if it’s a much money expensive program and you can’t afford it, or if you really like the Edinboro program over the other ones, then it’s probably a waste of time for you. I interviewed at one school, having a general feeling like it wasn’t the school for me, but it wasn’t until I visited and went through the interview process that I confirmed my disinterest.
  2. One of our future classmates already created one. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/430193920768097/ Also, Dr. Robey said something about the current graduate students making us one after the cohort has been confirmed.
  3. I am from FL and attended UF for undergrad. Are you from FL, NC, or elsewhere?
  4. https://www.asha.org/eweb/ashadynamicpage.aspx?site=ashacms&webcode=caalisting&caacat=slp Scroll down to Candidate schools. Hope this helps!
  5. Yes. I think it's just an automatic email from the university. I don't think we'll hear back from the department until next week, as they're currently on break. My hopes are for tomorrow though, but I think sometime next week is probably more realistic. ?
  6. I was accepted to JMU at the end of Feb. I didn’t apply to any of your other schools, but I know people have already heard back from GSU.
  7. I think it's perfectly normal. I know at my school, even though the deadline to apply is Feb 1, the committee doesn't usually meet until a week or 2 later, and then it takes them almost a month to make a decision, meaning we'll hear back around early to mid March. I'd be surprised if you didn't hear from anyone by this Friday. However, the schools usually let the most competitive (and sometimes the least competitive) candidates know first, and then they send out waitlist notifications and rejections later. This obviously varies by school. Have you noticed if other people have heard back from the schools to which you have applied?
  8. When I submitted mine, I was contacted 2 days after to schedule an interview. Just letting you know, you have to go to Phoenix. They don't do Skype or phone interviews. Good luck!
  9. No, it’s definitely not too late. I was just there for an interview and their class is not filled up yet. The earlier you submit, the earlier you’ll be contacted for an interview.
  10. That's so awesome! I was actually accepted yesterday because I found my supplementary application link buried in my email and submitted it as soon as I found it. Congrats!
  11. I don't think we'll hear from them until mid March. The wait is killing me.
  12. http://sites.udel.edu/cscd/grad/. Click on Admission and then scroll down to the bottom of that box.
  13. I thought that I would have received an email to complete the UD application AFTER I submitted my CSDCAS application. I'm assuming if I submit my UD application now that it's just too late to be considered.
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