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  1. itsjamie2u

    Why am I not getting chosen

    Hey, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. It’s tough playing thr waiting game, but there’s definitely still time. I have friends who were accepted from the wait lists in mid May. Wait lists are not a death sentence, so don’t give up just yet! It’s great that you’re already planning ahead for the next round just in case. Other people have already mentioned a lot of things you can do. I’d just like to add a few more. Contact the schools you’re thinking of applying to and ask what aspect (GPA, GRE, letters, etc.) do they usually look at the most and try to build your application around that. (most of the time it’s GPA) Check to see if the schools look at your school, post bac, or major GPA If you’re applying to a research-oriented program, find out what kind of research is being done there and how your personal experience would fit with areas of studies Don't be afraid to go out of state or take loans. It’s just going to be an investment that you can pay back after you get your degree Have solid letters of recommendation Make sure that your letter of intent gets the reviewers interested about you and what you can bring to the table to their school. The reviewers are professors who voluntarily review hundreds of applications on their own personal time. They’re not interested in what you know; they’re interested in your capability to grow. All the money that you spent on grad apps are technically a tax write off. I learned this too late from some accounting friends of mine so while you might not be able to get everything back, you’ll be able to get some of it back. And lastly, be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You have so much experience and you’re already thinking of doing more. You’ve gotten incredibly far and done so much. Being rejected does not define you. You’ve got extraordinary potential; you just have to believe in yourself for that extra push I hope that everything goes well for you, and the wait lists pay off
  2. itsjamie2u

    Penn State

    Congrats on getting in! The website was down for me as well. Do any of you know what exactly the second step is? It just says that the Graduate School has the final say and that they’re reviewing our applications but what are they looking for?

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