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    In State tuition and FAFSA

    After your first year you can ask the university to re-evaluate your residency. Different states have different rules and then each individual university also has their own criteria for determining in-state or out-of-state tuition. I would check with each school individually. Some places are more relaxed with how they enforce the rules and just require you show evidence of domicile in the state for one year prior to the semester you are requesting the re-evaluation for (paycheck, proof of address, state drivers license, etc). Others say that if you were enrolled full-time during the first year than automatically it means your primary reason for being in the state is education and they will not grant you in-state tuition even if you have been living there for one year. I'm not sure I would bank on this unless I was really confident I knew how that school handled residency reclassification.
  2. Does anyone know about financial aid offered by Southern Connecticut? I was accepted but I'm out of state and on the three year track which makes it pretty expensive. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's common for out of state students to be offered aid (outside of loans). Do schools usually include financial aid offers with acceptance or do they come later?

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