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  1. Auuudriana

    Clinical Practicum Hours

    Seems normal. My placements were all 4 days a week for however long my supervisor worked. So there were times when I worked four 9 or 10 hours days at a nursing home.
  2. Auuudriana

    Gift for internship supervisors

    We were not allowed to give ours any gifts, except a card. The program itself had a small gift for each of our supervisors that we could give them.
  3. Most programs that are online also have a physical program. So they wouldn't really know. In the interviews I've gone on in the last few months, I've related things to my practicums but I wouldn't say any questions were specific to my school. To OP, all I'm saying is that I wouldn't worry about going to an online program.
  4. In no way (I believe) will your transcripts or diploma mention that you completed an online program. It would be up to you to disclose that.
  5. Auuudriana

    What email should I use?

    I used my school email but have since lost access to it. I would suggest a personal email, but maybe make a new one that sounds professional if it isn't already.
  6. Auuudriana

    Do SLP professors grade on a curve?

    We got curved in grad school on occasion.
  7. Auuudriana

    Is declining my only option crazy?

    Why did you apply if you had no intention of going? I would take the offer.
  8. Auuudriana

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    I don't have the exact emails anymore because my undergrad account is gone now, but from Facebook it looks like June 1st for the one school. Not sure about the other one, sorry!
  9. Auuudriana

    PA schools

    I was in the same boat as you 2 years ago. I went to West Chester and always thought I would go there. I got accepted off the waitlist but had already committed to Delaware. I am glad that I chose Delaware over WCU because of the professors at I knew how some of the professors at West Chester were.
  10. Auuudriana

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    Yes, I got off two waitlists. And my friend got accepted somewhere after first being rejected!
  11. Auuudriana

    Commuting throughout graduate studies

    I've commuted about 40 min-1 hour for my whole graduate program so far. It hasn't seemed to affect my academics nor my social life negatively in any way.
  12. I was told to fill out the graduate school application only when I got my acceptance email, not after I submitted my CSDCAS application. So my assumption is that that is still the case. Hope that helps.
  13. Are you talking about the application to the UD graduate school in general? What is the supplemental application? I go there now.
  14. Auuudriana

    How did you find TheGradCafe?

    Honestly don't remember but I've been in grad school for almost 2 years now and I haven't left.
  15. Auuudriana

    Financial Aid email before official acceptance?

    I got this from Temple 2 years ago but I was not accepted.

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