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  1. SLPhopeful56

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    Perfect! Thank you:)
  2. SLPhopeful56

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    Hi, I'm attending Edinboro but also don't know anything about a Facebook page... so if you hear anything let me know!
  3. I was in the same boat as you and got in somewhere! It can totally happen
  4. Has anyone else heard literally nothing from Western Kentucky...
  5. SLPhopeful56

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    That's awesome! Did you end up getting off the waitlists before May? I'm just hoping and praying I can find out (if I'm able to get off) before I graduate!
  6. SLPhopeful56

    Temple University

    Wow we're totally in the same boat right now. I'm waitlisted at 4 schools...two of them are Temple and Duquesne. Best of luck to you!
  7. SLPhopeful56

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    Awesome! Thanks for the advice!
  8. SLPhopeful56

    Do people actually get off waitlists?

    That's been a major question of mine. I'm currently waitlisted at 4 schools...all of which I would be honored to get an acceptance from. I don't want to annoy those schools or set them off in anyway but I do want them to know that I am highly interested. What is the best way to go about that?
  9. SLPhopeful56

    Temple University

    Was anyone else wait listed today? Wondering how much of a chance I have considering there were so many applicants...
  10. SLPhopeful56

    PA schools

    I didn't hear anything from Temple today either but I did see someone else did. With over 700 applicants I just feel like I have no shot.. lol
  11. SLPhopeful56

    Western Kentucky University

    Great thank you! Good luck to all!
  12. SLPhopeful56

    Western Kentucky University

    Does anyone know if this applies to the on-campus program as well? Mine still says "graduate pending admission" so I'm hopeful I'm still in the running

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