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  1. I have worked in preschool for many years and preschool is speech. They are learning correct grammar, pronouns, vocab, etc. There is also the pre-reading aspect of learning to break words into sounds, letter sounds, etc. Look at what you learned about language in your classes you should be able to plug things in there that relate to speech. Oh learning social skills as well.
  2. There are a few distance programs where you do not need to be there during the summer or if you do just a few weeks. CSun is one and Northern Colorado you only have to go for a few weeks. Northern Colorado only admits every 2 years, so next year and CSun does it in the spring every year. I can only do online as well but could travel during the summer if I had to.
  3. Hi! The last few times I applied I have heard back quite quickly that I was rejected. So hopefully this is a good sign!
  4. I applied too. It has been two weeks and I am wondering if they are looking at my application yet.
  5. They average the grades. I had some classes I either dropped (20 years ago) and retook and that counted against me. I had a horrible undergrad GPA of 2.8 and had a 3.5 in Communication courses. After averaging everything I was at a 2.7 overall because of retaking classes or the drops. I am shooting for schools that take the last 60 credits because I was young and stupid once. So now I am working on a different Masters and have a 4.0. Hopefully that will offset my partying ways from years ago.
  6. I have had the same experience. I have had multiple addmission counselors some great and others seem like the really do not care. I have applied a few times and they will not let you know what could be done better. That frustrates me. Is it my gpa, gre, essays, what can I improve! Some of them call every week others call when you call them back. Part of me would love to know if I am just spinning my wheels and I have no chance what so ever of getting in. It would be nice to know. I keep applying because maybe one time they will see persitstance as a good quality. Over all the process is tiring but I keep working towards it. I am not that impressed with them but I really want to be in school. I need to take online classes because of family and work. Just waiting for the next application cycle to begin in August.
  7. Thank you for this discussion. It gives me hope that one day I will be able to get into a school. My problem is that I have to take an online program but at least I was waitlisted for one. Gives me a little hope. I really hate how my grades from 20 years ago are holding me back.
  8. I'm applying there as well. This whole process in general stinks! I will stay on the waitlist but it's time to be realistic.
  9. I'm still hopeful! At least the district was able to renew my conditional liscene so that is a little less stress so I have a job. Hopefully by Friday wwe will hear something!
  10. I am too! I have to apply for a different job if I don't hear anything soon. I know as soon as I do I will hear something. ?
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