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  1. So I know over the past year or so I've been posting on this forum quite frequently. On many of my posts, I would recieve a lot of negativity and comments from people who would put down because I had lower than average stats. So, I'd just like to share with everyone that I DID get into a program (with a 3.4 overall undergrad GPA and low GRE scores). I was accepted into the graduate program for the school that I attended undergrad at! A student dropped out of the cohort last minute and I was next in line! Lets just say I was THRILLED! I started the program about 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Just thought I'd share my good news with everyone..and to those of you who have lower stats like me, just know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLY and to not give up hope
  2. I've seen people post on here before about taking this job before going to grad school. I applied for this position and one of the NHS locations has recently reached out to me about interviewing for it. I read the job description, and know it would be great experience to have when going back for grad school! Just wondering if anyone who has held this position could give me a little insight about it. Did you like it? What all did the job entail? Is it worth applying to? Thanks!!
  3. I was actually rejected shortly after posting this I knew I was a weak applicant when applying but i figured since they were a newer program they would be more open to accepting applicants like me, but apparently not. I think I'm going to try and raise my GRE scores, get a job in a speech and/or hearing related field and apply to schools next application cycle. Best of luck to you both!
  4. I applied to this program and was rejected 2 weeks after I submitted my application. I will admit that I am kind of a weak applicant, but I thought that being that this program was newer, they would be more willing to take applicants with slightly lower GPAs and GRE scores. Also, by the amount of times my admission councilor called me, I figured they were desperate for people to apply lol. I applied for the September cohort where the deadline was in July. What start time are you all applying for?
  5. Hello all, I know I've posted on here before asking about this program but I didn't get much feedback and wanted to see if anyone who didn't see my previous post has any feedback. I applied to this program about 2 weeks ago and they told me that I would receive a decision in about 3-4 weeks (next Tuesday will mark 3 weeks). I was just wondering if anyone else had applied to this program and if anyone had received a decision yet, being that they have rolling admissions. It's a new program so I'm hoping that it won't be as competitive as other programs. Crossing my fingers, this program is my last hope until I officially give up on speech and move on to ABA instead
  6. Did you end up applying? I submitted my application just yesterday. Wondering if there were many applicants to the program.
  7. I put my volunteer experience work in under "Relevant Experience", as everyone above had stated
  8. Does anyone know anything about this program? Is it still very competitive although it is online? Is it worth applying to? I saw an add for it on linked in and noticed that the application deadline is not until July.
  9. Hello, all! So I'm not having any luck in being accepted to grad school this application cycle so I'm looking to become a SLPA to gain some experience in the field! I currently live in Pennsylvania and am considering moving to Massachusetts to become a SLPA but i'm slightly confused about the licensing process. To apply for SLPA licensing in Massachusetts, the website says that you must send in an observation hour log sheet to prove that you have at least 20 hours of observation of an SLP. On the application, it requires the SLP's "Mass license #"..being that I currently live in PA, I would have to gain my observation hours from a PA licensed SLP..this may be a dumb question, but I was just wondering if this would be allowed..I don't want to send in the application with the fee just to be denied, lol!
  10. Thanks so much! I know that I've made mistakes in the past, but I am very determined to change for the better and be accepted next application cycle!
  11. Question about SLPA..I'm considering becoming one for a few years before going on to become a certified SLP..I currently have a BS in Communication Disorders..would getting a 2nd bachelors be more beneficial/better my chances of getting a job, or would an associates degree suffice?
  12. How does one become certified as an SLP assistant? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm rather confused by the process..you see, I live in Pennsylvania and unfortunately SLPAs are not legal here. I am willing to move anywhere in the NE to become certified and practice as an SLPA for a few years before becoming a certified SLP. I have my BS in Communication Disorders from a PA state school.
  13. I am in a similar boat currently. I see that you're from PA..where were you an SLPA at and how did you obtain the position? I've been looking into becoming one just to better my chances for next application season.
  14. 1. I applied to a few schools in PA, one in Florida, one in Illinois, one in Ohio, a few in New York, one in South Carolina, one in MA, one in Delaware, and one in Michigan. So I guess, yes, most of them were in the NE area. 2. I am considering applying for spring admissions! Haven't really looked into it much yet..I'd have to first figure out what schools do spring/summer admissions and gain contact with my LOR writers again. 3. I did use ASHA's edfind to research schools quite a bit to look up things like this, but I feel like no matter what school it is, admissions is always going to be competitive for SLP :/ 4. Do you have an other suggestions of jobs that would allow me to work with special needs populations if I do not hear back for the TSS position? 5. Yes, most definitely! Thanks for the tip, I'll look into those preps.
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