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  1. Haven’t seen a University of Montana FB group and can’t find one on facebook! Anyone want to make one with me? ?
  2. I am accepted into University of Montana's MS in SLP program and it starts at the end of August! My fiance and I would love to know more about the city We love the outdoors so we are stoked to be moving to Montana where we can continue to access nature (we currently live in Portland, OR). We also love to go out and catch music - Funk, Electronic, and Latin (Cumbia, etc). Any advice on fun places to go/things to do, restaurants, city life, good places to live, places to live near UofM, etc. I will gladly take any and all information!
  3. Hi there! I am a Portlander and currently attending Pacific University for their post-bacc program. Nearby places that are good to live are Hillsboro and Beaverton Lots more housing options, close to Portland and also still close to Forest Grove!
  4. I am in the same boat! Just found out today and also it is my only acceptance. I haven't seen or heard of a Facebook group, but I also haven't looked on facebook. Let me know if you find one!
  5. Is there a University of Montana FB group yet? Would love to meet some fellow cohort!
  6. This thread has been giving me so much hope over the past couple weeks, and I am happy to announce that I have been accepted off the waitlist at University of Montana! Hope this gives some hope to other waitlisters out there
  7. Got an email from Temple today asking me to reconfirm my interest in remaining on the waitlist... anyone else get this? Seemed weird.
  8. Also on Tier 1 and have not heard anything yet
  9. Most of the schools will say how long their waitlist is "open" for. University of Montana told me they would inform me once they have their class finalized and they close the waitlist, but other schools I have been waitlisted at say on their school page that the waitlist stays open until the first day of term, but that if we haven't heard back by end of May then we probably won't. I am basically going to give schools until the end of May and if I haven't heard back assume that I won't.
  10. Received an email from Temple today that I am waitlisted. Thats 4 waitlists and zero acceptances. Ahhhhhhhhh
  11. Congratulations!!! You give me hope Where did you get accepted to?
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