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  1. @KendallSLPA I did! They were pretty quick about getting back which is nice. I didn’t end up going there but definitely seems like a great program!
  2. Hi! I interviewed with them last year. We started in conference/meeting room with everyone interviewing, including those interviewing for other programs. Once it was time, everyone interviewing from other programs went to their own rooms. The director of the SLP program as well as the program coordinatoor then spoke to all of us for a bit and broke us up into 2 groups. First group did interviews while the second group went on the campus tour then vise versa. I interviewed with 2 professors, both super kind and personable. They really wanted to know about who I was so lots of personal que
  3. @Mattskie I’m not sure how full the program is at this point, but there are 17 people in the Facebook group if that is helpful at all! Good luck!!
  4. @aelwood14 Thank you so much! Just confirmed my acceptance!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone ☺️
  5. I got the call from Diana today!!! I am 99% sure I am committing! Just want to make sure they offer enough financial aid/loans to cover tution and housing first. Would you guys have more information on that? Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  6. @Slowcheetah Congrats on your acceptance to CSU Fullerton!! I am still hoping to hear from Pacific, so I really appreciate you posting this!
  7. @aelwood14 Thank you for the info!! This wait has been so difficult, trying to stay positive this though. Congrats again on your acceptance!
  8. @dkolton That’s what I’m thinking to :/ Best of luck to you!! Hopefully we all get accepted from the waitlist!
  9. Haven’t heard anything either ? Would anyone happen to know how full the class is yet?
  10. Hi! Is anyone planning on declining from Pacific University? Really hoping to hear from them before April 15th and not have to put a deposit down for another program!
  11. I’m not exactly sure how the teirs work but from looking at last year’s posts and this years, there’s a Teir 1 waitlist and a general waitlist from my understanding..? The email should have specified. Hope that helps!
  12. I sure hope so! Good luck to you as well!!
  13. Thank you so much aelwood14 and andreadls22!! I fell in love with the professors and the program, as I’m sure you both did am really hoping to be accepted! Cograts to you both!
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