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  1. Yes I am international with a MS degree in the US
  2. I know I do not have much of a chance to be admitted by Sinai but I still have high hopes on it😶
  3. All the interview invitations from Vandy's Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) have been sent out😭
  4. Thanks for the information! I'm an international applicant with a MS in the US. 3 pubs and 2 are in preparation. Had a good talk with my POI who serves on the admission committee. Sooo sad I could not get an inview invite. I used to think there would be less applications this year but clearly I was wrong.
  5. Congratulations! Is the email from your POI or graduate coordinator? So anxious now.
  6. Is WashU starting to send their invites? I saw one post in the result page.
  7. I used to think today would be a big invite day. Maybe I was wrong. Let's see what will happen this afternoon.
  8. Don't wanna do anything except refreshing my mail page and this thread.
  9. I applied to Icahn Neuro last year and got rejected. Good luck with your application! What other neuro programs did you apply? I applied to Duke-Neuro, WashU-DBBS Neuro, Brandeis-Neuro, Max Planck Florida, Upenn-NGG and Vandy Neuro, hoping to get into one.
  10. I guess a lot of univeristies would send their interview invites this Friday or next Monday.
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