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  1. I am waiting too. Emailed on Monday as well and got the same response. Fingers crossed!
  2. For the neuroscience offers from northwestern received today, which interview weekend did you attend? Congrats!
  3. Got rejected from UCSD Biomedical Sciences.. I passed the international student pre-application, but not invited for an interview... This really surprises me. Anyway, heads up and good luck for those who got interviews.
  4. Got rejection from Yale and Stanford today... Did not get interviews from any of the reach schools. No luck to me, but good luck to everyone else who is waiting!
  5. Ok. I guess if I did not receive an invite by now, I am dumped. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Ohh, I see. Thank you for the info. Guess I got dumped by the program. Good luck with rescheduling!
  7. There is a waitlist for the BMS program? Did they email you to tell you that?
  8. Aww, there is a waitlist for interviews? Hopefully other schools have that too!
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