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  1. The portal was finally updated on 4/1/21. Email was also sent to check the portal and I found the official decision letter with the acceptance. Crazy that it took over 4 weeks. Yes, I emailed the department twice (2 weeks apart) and both times was told that the portal is a new system and it is taking longer as a result.
  2. I have been waiting since February 25 when I received the acceptance letter from the department (BISI PHD) to see a change in the application portal. But the only thing that changed is that the status says "under graduate review" and they added an App ID #. The BISI department said the grad school is using a new system this year so that might be why there is a delay. It's frustrating though......
  3. No, my friend is domestic. Received acceptance letter via email but the portal is still not changed. The acceptance letter had a link to answer a survey if you were planning to attend or not. The portal does say "under grad school review" for status and on Monday they added a "app id" number. Was told by the BISI department that the grad school is using a new application system this year which is what is causing the hold up.
  4. I would say that the proximity to the DC area makes Maryland way more attractive. Depending on what your long term goals are it really is exciting to be right there in the hub of government. Makes every day a real life case study. Also, think about the internship opportunities and the convenience of being right there.
  5. My friend received the offer letter for UMD MOCB BISI about same time as you did (she is not on grad cafe) and her UMD portal has not been updated. Has yours? Were you able to accept the offer? Any info would be appreciated! Congrats!
  6. Anyone accepted to UMD BISI MOCB track have their portal change with the acceptance? Received acceptance letter but portal has not changed from under grad review for 2 weeks now. Any insight?
  7. Has anyone received their official acceptance letter from UMD BISI? Just wondering their timeline.
  8. anyone have an update from UMD BISI? Just wondering when they will send official offers.....
  9. My friend interviewed the same days as you. But interestingly, an email arrived about an hour before it started congratulating her on being admitted but to still participate and enjoy the 2 day event. So strange. She really likes the program. What do you think about the program?
  10. radio silence from both uci cmb and usc pibbs. any idea why we are not hearing from them? I think at this point I will assume a rejection.
  11. Not sure if @irene39 saw my question above but I was looking for feedback on the UMD BISI program. Anyone heard anything about the program?
  12. Anyone hear from USC Pibbs yet? UCI CMB? Radio Silence from them so curious if any of you have heard from them?
  13. @Irene39 just curious what you think about the UMD BISI program? Are you interviewing there? What do you like about it? I'm thinking about applying next year. I love the DC area and its close to the NIH.
  14. Thanks for your update. Looks like you have not heard from Emory either?
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